2 things, seeing loss on body not scale? Plus pics

on 10/2/11 3:11 pm - Dunnellon, FL
Okay first of all I am 14 months out and since about Mayish I have seen nothing go on the scale, I have still dropped a size or two in clothing...but very worried!!

I was over 430 to start, I am about 315 now... and I am wearing a size 24 pants 3x top (beats the 36pants 5/6x tops) I have become more active and wander if i am gaining muscle and still loosing?
I can eat about 6 chicken nuggets (nothing else with em),a soft taco.... a bagel thin, 2 egg omellette, um chicken leg with a little mac & cheese..... am i eating to much? The wrong stuff?? I still dont do veggies or fruit very much at all.... I eat about 3 times a day, but they seem to be a child size  (4-5 y/o)plate of food.  BUT.... I do drink sweet tea (thats ALL i drink) and its got regular sugar...could this be an issue?

I am proud to be where I am but not seeing the scale go down scares the hell outta me!

Samantha L.
on 10/2/11 3:24 pm - Petaluma, CA
You look GREAT!  Grats on all of your progress!!  I know that, for me,  I only saw inches drop when the scale wasn't moving. 

As far as your diet:  (I am NOT judging you in any way)... I would probably stay away from the mac n cheese and the chicken nuggets unless they are baked.  What's on the soft taco?  The things you listed (which are all weaknesses for me) all sound a LITTLE fast food-y.   If you want the scale to move faster, you may want to stay away from anything deep fried, breaded, carb filled, etc.  This isn't to say you CAN'T eat these things, of course.  Instead of chicken nuggets, maybe baked chicken breast cut into nuggest sized bites and then you can pick them up and dip them in your favorite sauce.  Instead of a regular soft taco, maybe chicken or turkey taco meat with the cheese and stuff wrapped in lettuce (if you can eat all of those things).  

More questions:  Are you working out at all?   How are your fluids?  Are you drinking enough? 

Again:  Congratulations on all of your wonderful progress! 

on 10/2/11 3:26 pm - OH
A small sweet tea (16 oz) from McDonalds has 150 calories.  If you're drinking 64 oz like we are supposed to drink, that would mean you're getting 600 extra calories from your drinks (if you're drinking McDonald's sweet tea - I'm guessing if you make your own and put less sugar in, then it would be fewer calories, but this gives you a general idea).  Do you think that could be an issue?

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on 10/2/11 3:30 pm
Yeah, you're going to have to make some changes if you want to lose more weight.  First off, lose the refined carbs.  Bread, pasta, sugar, anything white at this point.  This will sabotage anyones efforts.  Instead of chicken nuggets just eat chicken breast.  Mac and cheese?  Out of here.  Bagel?  Good bye.  And the sweet tea?  Not a good idea.  Get the unsweetened kind and add Splenda or Stevia.  Those carb calories really add up and they can make us crave more and before you know it you are eating more then you planned.
Fruits and vegetables are your friends.  They will fill you up, give you nutrients and fiber and are low in calories.  But the main attraction always should be protein.  Meat, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs,  anyway you can get it.  At least 100 grams a day.  Eat enough of that and you won't want to look at other food.  Protein drinks are great, too.  
If you are hungry eat more often but make sure it is always protein first, then vegetables and then fruit.  Also get in a lot of fluids.  Decaf is the best since caffeinated things are diuretic and cause you to lose fluids.  I get in at least 100 oz a day.  And if you are drinking with meals STOP!  Makes you hungrier faster.  Wait at least 30 minutes after you eat to drink.
It may be hard at first.  You may have to detox off of the refined carbs but once you do it is much easier to stick with.  You may have to do a carb sweep of your house to get out the tempting food.
Good luck.  You can do this.

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on 10/2/11 3:39 pm - Dunnellon, FL
It is hard for me with 6 kids to make GOOD meals everyday... Yes i think the carbs and tea may be issues, but i dont like ANYTHING else fluid wise, i mean water makes me sick to my stomach... and yes they are mc donalds sweet teas :(

I am getting ALL of my top teeth pulled in about 10 days so that will be a help - going back to liquid and protien shakes for a bit as i wont be able to get dentures for about 2 months (stupid medicade) I have been staying away from the fruits and veggies, so i should be eating them now? How much of them?? and what are the best?

I am SUCH a picky eater, i HATE lettus, anything with mayo/mustard, and the examples of foor i gave were to let you know the Portions i eat... i NEVER fry at home, always bake, i fix alot of anytizers /tyson appitizers (like wings) in the  oven... i eat alot of cheese too!

ugg I am lost...was doing so good... but the tea i think is biggest issue :(
on 10/2/11 4:22 pm
Fruits and vegetables are good.  What kind do you like?  I like things like zucchini, squash, cauliflower (my go to vegetable, I like to use it in place of potatoes and rice), apples, oranges (if they don't bother you), bananas, strawberries and raspberries to name a few.
Have you tried different drink mixes?  Lately I have been drinking Crystal Light Hunger Satisfaction.  I always mix my drinks with a lot more water.  I can't stand plain water, either.  I also love MIO Sweet Tea.  If you can find that you may find it a good substitution for the McDonald's sweet tea.  And the best thing about it is you can adjust the flavor by using more or less as you prefer.
I only have my one at home to cook for these days but she won't eat what I eat so I end up making 2 meals.  And I don't like to cook so that makes it hard.  What I do is when I get ambitious is make something like a casserole and freeze the rest so I always have food on hand when I am busy or don't feel like cooking.  I have about a month's worth of food in my freezer from probably 4 cooking sessions.  Also, the crock pot is a great way to make large amounts of food to freeze.  You might be able to get the family to eat those meals, too.  How about a baked chicken or meatloaf?  Those are good family foods.  If I have to eat on the run at a fast food place I usually get Wendy's chili or a crunchy taco and pintos and cheese at Taco Bell.  If I am really pressed I have been known to get a double cheeseburger without the bun at McDonald's.
Good luck with getting your teeth pulled.  It doesn't sound like fun.  It may be a good time to decarb, though.  I decarbed when I had my surgery since I knew I would be out of it and restricted in what I could eat, I figured it was as good a time as any.
One of my favorite lunches is ricotta with sugar free spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese heated in the microwave.  That would probably be good for you to eat after your teeth are pulled.

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High Weight  (2002) 240 Revision Weight (2010) 220 Current Weight 115.

on 10/2/11 4:27 pm - OH
You don't like tea with any kind of artificial sweetener?

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on 10/3/11 3:28 am - West Chester, PA
 or crystal light tea? that's what i live off of

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Samantha L.
on 10/2/11 4:20 pm - Petaluma, CA
I think the thing that would help you the most is using a food tracker.  (I use the one here on OH).    It will give you a very good idea of where your biggest areas of opportunity are.  The sweet tea REALLY has to go.  (It was my thing before surgery).  Now I drink unsweet tea with Splenda. 

Honestly, at this point I would be VERY careful about the fast food and the Tyson appitizer stuff.  Tyson chicken nuggets, for example, have  220 calories in just 5 pieces.  110 of that is from fat.  15 g of carbs and 12g of protein.  
A single serving of Kraft Mac N Cheese has 259 calories, 48g of carbohydrates (7 of which are sugar). 

Your malabsorption of calories is going to go away soon.  It's really important that you get your eating habits back in line now before that happens!  I know how hard it is to eat well when you have kids.  I raised four girls (and now have two young step children).  It is a great opportunity to teach THEM about healthy eating, as well!  My youngest daughter (about to turn 17) has learned SO much in the last year just because of some of the changes we made in our eating habits.  She is a much healthier girl because of it.  She USED to be an Oreo cookie fanatic, but now she would rather have a snack of a cheese stick and an apple.  (A completely AFFORDABLE snack as well.  We are really tight on money). 

What about using a crock pot for convenience?  Nothing is easier than throwing beans in a crockpot.  Chicken thighs in the crockpot with some taco seasoning becomes this heavenly smelling/tasting easily shredded meat that works for tacos or burritos.  Add some beans to those burritos and you get a GREAT protein boost.   Craving pizza?  Use a couple slices of lean ham as the crust.  Put on your sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you want.  (I use turkey pepperoni, garlic and sometimes black olives).  Once it's baked, it becomes YUMMY!!  High in protein and VERY low in carbs.  My family prefers it this way now. 
 Slim Jim makes a beef jerky that is about $2.99 and has 22g of protein in it and only like 3g of fat.  It's not too chewy or hard. 
  Turkey pepperoni can be microwaved for 30 seconds to become crispy and are WAY better than chips, but satisfy my craving for a salty snack.  (I LOVE these!)

I am a really picky eater, too.  I don't eat mayonaise, cheese (except rarely on pizza), salad dressing, cottage cheese, sour cream, seafood of any sort (fish or shellfish, due to allergies).. 

I hope you are able to use some of our ideas.  =]  Good luck to you!

on 10/2/11 4:25 pm - Dunnellon, FL

Okay what Veggies and fruits should i be eating now as i dont eat any barely??
the crockpot sounds good, i had made a hamburger crockpot stew a while before surgery that was pretty good, maybe with lean meat thats a good thing... i do love seafood, maybe i should eat more of that...
Can you give me an example of what you would eat in a day...

i am lost right now....