Gastroparesis and gastric bypass

on 10/3/11 12:47 pm - Charleston, SC
RNY on 03/20/12

Has there been anyone who has had the gastric bypass because of gastroparesis? I know my weight is an issue too, but the main reason for surgery is because of this stinking gastroparesis. HELP!

on 10/3/11 1:15 pm - OH
I developed gastroparesis, or at least was diagnosed with it, about 18 months after my gastric bypass surgery.  How is gastric bypass surgery supposed to help with gastroparesis?

Do you take meds for gastroparesis?  I've had pretty good results with domperidone.

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on 10/5/11 4:27 am - Charleston, SC
RNY on 03/20/12
I have had problems with my stomach for a long time. Around the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 i was diagnosed with gastroparesis. I have been to several different GI doctors and they all have suggested the gastric bypass. The only difference with the surgery is that my stomach would be completely bypassed. After surgery I would have no use of my stomach.

Regarding the medications, I taking 3 different nausea medications, 2 different pain medications and an acid reducer. I was just recently given the prescription for Domperidone and still have to order it. Half the time I can't take any of the medications. Once my stomach start hurting and I'm vomiting, I can't hold anything.
on 6/21/14 7:20 am - West Henrietta, NY
RNY on 01/21/13

By taking most of the faulty stomach and pylorus out of the equation.

I'm absolutely puzzled by how you could have a problem with it and be diagnosed post-op.

on 10/3/11 3:50 pm
Uh...if your doctor is suggesting bypass to FIX the gp, then you have a quack for a doctor. We've dealt with gp(gastroparesis) for over 10 years with my son, and having surgery to REMOVE part of the stomache will have no benefits.

Now, I have heard A LOT about people GETTING gp from weight loss surgery, mostly because the main nerve that causes the stomache to work properly will inadvertantly get cut, resulting in a slow stomache emptying issue.

Have you had a barium emptying study done?
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on 10/5/11 4:37 am - Charleston, SC
RNY on 03/20/12

Dealing with GP is no fun at all. I have seen so many different doctors and been in and out so many different hospitals. I have had a few doctors suggest having the GP to bypass my stomach completely. Once it's bypassed then I will no longer have problems with my stomach. I have had about 5 barium emptying studies, several endoscopy's, cat scans (already max out) and a few other things. I have tried the medications, Botox Injections, can't take E-mycin (allergic to it), gastric pacemaker (wouldn't be effective), and diet changes. Still having problems. Half the time in the emergency room at least 4-5 times a month and hospitalized every other month. 

How is your son doing with having GP?

on 2/21/12 12:39 pm - OH
Reading your story felt like I was reading part of my own saga of struggles with GP.  I was diagnosed 12 years ago at age 20 (after taking 1 year to get a correct diagnosis).  Over these 12 years I have had many tests, many medications, and no luck.  My condition has deteriorated so significantly that I have been declared officially disabled by the Social Security Administration.  I am in the hospital (inpatient) about 5-8 times per year.  I spend about  4-5 days per week in bed.  I never know what days will be my 'good' days and when (and how long) my 'bad' days will occur.  I am also similar to you because I am overweight/obese (which many people do no understand and I sometimes think people don't believe me).  I am currently in the process of filling out paperwork and gathering medical records for the surgeons at the hospital I have chosen - Summa Health System's Bariatric Care Center.  So overall, YEESSSS gastric bypass is one of the treatment methods available (different patients need different types of treatment based on their personal history and not everyone has the same presentation of symptoms and original underlying cause for the disease in the first place).  So just because some of the patients at the other end of the spectrum from us have problems with being too thin
on 10/4/11 10:00 am - Smithsburg, MD
I actually was diagnosed with gastroparesis about 3 years ago. When having my "eat study" after 3 hours I pretty much had the entire sandwich in my stomach that I had eaten. My doctor at the time said that I "would have to deal with it" because the meds they tried to give me made me too jittery and I couldn't function. So I stopped the meds and felt like crap all the time. When my hubby decided to get WLS, I also went along to speak to the surgeon to see what her suggestions were. She is one of the best at John's Hopkins and I trusted her input. Keep in mind that I was also weighing about 220 lbs when I went to see her, so WLS would definitely benefited me as well for the weight loss. She suggested RNY. I had my surgery almost 8 months ago and I have had no issues at all since having surgery. I would say my gastroparesis is "cured". I no longer get sick or have that sick feeling that I used to get before surgery. I would say if you are willing to entertain the idea to help you, definitely talk to a surgeon and seriously consider having RNY done. I think you will find that you will feel much better once you are healed. I have had no regrets having this surgery to cure my gastroparesis. And even better, I have lost almost 95 lbs, off all my meds and feel great again.
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on 10/5/11 4:41 am - Charleston, SC
RNY on 03/20/12
Thank you for the information. I am considering the RNY, but having my stomach completely bypassed. I know that this surgery too will help me with my weight issue. I am glad that you are doing better and you will make it to your goal. Keep up the good work.
on 10/5/11 8:37 am - Smithsburg, MD
Luckily they didn't have to bypass my entire stomach. Had a normal RNY procedure. The one thing that my surgeon did do is take my remnant stomach and attach it to my abdomen wall on my left side so that if I ever do run into problems down the road, they can place a feeding tube in my remnant. Good Luck to you. I know how bad you feel. I never had to be hospitalized, but I was miserable. Didn't feel like doing anything and was so tired of being sick all the time. Although surgery was a drastic measure, it was the best decision that I could have ever made. I could tell a difference about 3 weeks out after I was allowed to start having soft foods. Keep me updated on what you decide to do.
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