How many grams of fat per meal can you tolerate after RNY?

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For those who have had RNY -- how many grams of fat per meal can you tolerate (without dumping or other problems)?  Let's say you are eating virtually no carbs or sugar to make it simple.  People with epilepsy do best on an extremely low carb, moderately low protein, high fat diet (a "ketogenic" diet).  Of course, with RNY the ultra low carbs and moderately low protein works, but the high fat has to be out forever.

However, could you eat (without discomfort or problems) 10 grams of fat in a meal?  15 grams?  Does your tolerance for fat intake get better with time (if so, how much)?  I should stress again I am not looking for weight loss advice with this question (e.g, that everyone should cut back on fat intake to lose weight or that eating fat is just bad for you). 

I know this may seem like an odd question, but it is important to me.  The more those of you who have had RNY could tell me, in detail, about how you respond to fat intake, the better informed I can be in making a surgery decision.


Price S.
on 10/13/11 8:46 pm - Mills River, NC
first of all, I have a cast iron pouch and don't dump on anything.  I haven't tried to eat a full fat meal like fried fish, french fries, etc but I do eat full fat cheese, mayo, whatever fat is in the bite of desert I have had.  I think you will find there is probably a range but it is still pretty individual.  I can eat a Long John silvers fish filet with no problems (nothing else with it).  That is probably the most fat I have tried at one time.

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Are you doing the keto diet?  I tried it with my dd who has epilepsy, she failed the diet while in the hospital for the diet induction.  Modified atkins, which is preferred for adults with epilepsy, would probably be made much easier with a RNY. 

Anywho..... fats confuse me some.  I have dumped on fat, if you call it dumping.... different from sugar dumping.  Pretty bad abdominal pain.  I haven't figured out my exact trigger.  I have eaten some fried foods without problem.  Last time I had an issue it was after eating a "lobster casserole" at a local seafood place.  I'm guessing that for me it is the kind of fat that is the problem, not the amount.  Hope that makes sense. 

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on 10/13/11 9:44 pm - Hyattsville, MD
I can tolerate up to 15grams of sugar in something before I start feeling queasy...
I can eat fried foods easily...
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Thanks for the info. I really need lots of responses to this question so I can get a sense of the range and what is typical. This question is super important to me. PLEASE chime in with your feedback (even if you don't have specific grams re fat)!!!
Dave Chambers
on 10/13/11 11:28 pm - Mira Loma, CA
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There is no set amount of fat or sugars that will cause any or all RNY post ops to dump. I've only dumped 3 times in 5 1/2 years since my RNY.  Some people may dump on a specific food or "treat" one time, and yet not the next time the same item is eaten.  Stick to portion control, sugars within your limits, and lower fat items. Try one new food per day, so if you do dump or have digestion issues, you'll know which specific food caused the issue.  Each post op is different, and not two patients have identical issues with fat or sugars. DAVE

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on 10/13/11 11:36 pm
Thanks.  Just to be clear, I am not just asking about "dumping syndrome" after eating fats, but any real discomfort (upset stomach, cramps, feeling lousy).  And I know very low fat is the standard protocol, but I need to eat a minimum amount of fat for health reasons (very low carb and no sugars is no problem for me).  Also, for those who have had issues with digesting fats, does the tolerance improve over time after sugery?
on 10/14/11 1:49 am - Joppa, MD
Well if you are considering upset stomach, cramps and feeling lousy as real discomfort then Dumping Syndrome certainly fits the bill.  You've got your severe cramps, cold sweats, dizziness,  nausua, dry heaves, foamies (throwing up the only thing that is in your stomach..saliva) that "need to lay down" feeling all  followed by being quit tired (at least I was) after the whole thing is over. 

My dumping on fats was never set in stone as far as grams.  I know I can have 20 grams of sugar before I start to go over the edge.  But it has never been like that with fat.  I can eat 3 strips of bacon fine.  I really can't tolerate any type of sausage at all without dumping. 

I can't drink whole milk (my DH still does, bless his heart) but I can eat a couple of ounces of full fat cheese.  Can't eat anything fried really. 

Sorry I can't nail it down for you to a more precise amount in grams because I wish I could for myself but it seems destined not to happen. 


on 10/14/11 12:05 am - OR
Truthfully I don'****ch how much fat I eat in a meal normally. I don't eat a lot of "full fat" meals but for example. I can eat fried fish with no problems, french fries no problems, 2% milk, no problem. I have had no discomfort at all with any amount of fat intake at this point (I'm two years out) but like I said I don't normally eat a ton of fat foods in one meal. Looking at your question, I'd say I can do 15g of fat with no problems. I'll have to track my foods for a little while to see exactly what amount I do get per meal.

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H.A.L.A B.
on 10/14/11 12:27 am
I do not think there is an easy answer. I had issues with as little as 5 gr of fat, and had no issues with as many as 20-25 gr of fat.  It may depend on so many other factors: time of the day, other food eaten before, other stuff in the same food, or even how many grams of fiber is in there, and the consistency of the food.  i.e. I can only tolerate 1 Tbs or PB, but have no issue with 1/2 cup- 1 cup of peanuts.. or almonds. (they would have much more fat - but since I need to chew that - not all the fat is really "available" in my system - it is still bound to the fiber and proteins... (larger pieces).   Dark chocolate (85%) - I can eat the whole serving - 22 gr of fat. no issues.  But give me 2 pieces off bacon... (not cooked very crispy) and I will have issues. 

It also depends how far from surgery people are. Early on - small amount of fat would make me sick, then after GB removal - the tolerance was even lower... but overtime - my body adjusted.

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