Popcorn - what is your serving size?

on 10/15/11 9:43 pm - CA
My dietician has said I can add some carbs into my eating plan.   I bought some 94% fat free microwave popcorn for an occasional treat and I'm trying to figure out what a serving size is.   For those of you who eat popcorn how much do you eat at a time? 
on 10/15/11 10:02 pm
With microwave popcorn it should tell you how many calories are in the serving.  There are some that are 100 calories a bag and I would think that would be fine to eat.  Remember, even though it looks like a lot it is mainly air and chews down to nothing.

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on 10/16/11 3:26 am - Mills River, NC
Corn and popcorn was added after other carbs on my plan because of the shell around the kernel. 

I would think about a cup or two.  Again, see what the label says about serving size. 

I just bought some organic popcorn and it has no instructions and I don't have an air popper.  Not sure what I am going to do with it, or how much to cook.  No one here is a popcorn eater but me and I don't want tons.

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on 10/16/11 8:42 am - Gaylord, MN
RNY on 02/13/09 with
With the organic popcorn you can put a small amount of the kernels in a brown paper lunch size bag, fold the top over a couple of times (to contain the popcorn) and stick it in the microwave.  Stay close because you will want to stop the microwave as the popping slows down and it is probably a good idea to just keep an eye on it in case it starts to burn.  This is the only way I make popcorn because you don't need a special popper and it is done with zero added fat.  Sometimes I cut a slit in the side of the bag so some of the steam can escape.

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on 10/16/11 5:28 pm - Mills River, NC
Wow.  I can do that. Thanks so much for the advice.

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on 10/16/11 7:35 am - Fargo, ND
I don't eat it often because it is pretty high in the carb scale. Even at 3 yrs out it kills me. Find out what your carb level should be and include that in the count.
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