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What deficiancy may cause a headache

on 10/18/11 10:59 am
I've been getting slight headaches everyday, could that mean I'm deficiant in a certain vitamin or mineral?  Just wondering because I thought I would try the holistic method before using tylenol on a daily basis.
on 10/18/11 11:01 am
dehydration can cause headaches   how's your water intake?

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on 10/18/11 11:25 am
crappy, there's days where I can barely choke down 16 oz.  Thanks I will increase the agua and hope that works.  I thought maybe it was iron or something.
Paul C.
on 10/18/11 11:32 am - Cumming, GA
RNY on 07/16/10 with
I was going to say a lack of sex can cause headaches then I remembered that a lack of sex is the result of headaches.

Dehydration would be the obvious cause f you are barely doing 16oz some days.  You really need to push the fluids.  Dehydration is the number 1 cause of WLS patients going to the emergency room.  Talk to anyone who has been there it is not a fun or cheap experience.  if you have to set a timer to remind yourself to drink then do that.  For me in the early days I had a timer go off every 10 minutes to remind me to drink.  When I have bad weeks yes I do get them I will go back to my timer.

Seriously if nothing else get you fluids.
Paul C.
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on 10/18/11 8:44 pm - West Chester, PA
 i was thinking today about how i seem to get my migraines after having sex. thanks for reminding me to see if i can find anything online about it lol

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H.a.l.a. B.
on 10/18/11 12:03 pm
RNY on 05/14/08 with
Dehydration, and followed by constipation, low minerals... etc...
Add stuff to the water... a lot of us have problem drinking jus****er... adding flavoring helps.

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Susan G.
on 10/18/11 2:27 pm
I spent 5 1/2 hours in Urgent Care last week because of dehydration, one of my symptoms was a mean headache!
Sue G.            
on 10/18/11 2:30 pm - OH
Iron deficiency can cause headaches but it sounds like it's more likely dehydration in your case.

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on 10/18/11 3:48 pm - AL
Could be dehydration or how about the lack of caffeine?  I had to wean myself off caffeine before the surgery.  It usually causes headaches as well.  Hope you feel better soon.
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on 10/18/11 4:42 pm
I drown myself in water today, and guess what?  That was the culprit, or maybe I was the culprit for not drinking enough.  Thanks again, I was thinking it was iron or something else.  Appreciate all the advice.
on 10/18/11 5:04 pm, edited 10/18/11 5:04 pm
RNY on 09/17/12 with
Yes dehydration can cause it. Also, low iron can cause headaches too. I know cause I get them.
Andy Lafferty
on 10/18/11 8:01 pm - Baltimore, MD
 If you wake-up with a headache it might be sleep apena. Otherwise yep Dehydration.
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on 10/19/11 9:26 am - Columbia City, IN
I agree with the water intake - maybe blood sugar issue also, but sounds like dehydration in your case.

I'm having to change my drinking habits as the cold weather is coming on.  I'm not wanting ice water and am having to make myself drink hot decaf or herb tea to keep fluids to 100 oz a day.

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