how much did you lose on your 2-week liquid diet?

on 11/25/11 8:09 am - TX
For those that had to do a 2-week liquid diet before surgery, how much weight did you lose on the liquid diet?
dori M.
on 11/25/11 8:12 am - MD
about 11 pounds
Donna R.
on 11/25/11 8:21 am - Ocala, FL

I lost 18 lbs in the 2 weeks prior to my surgery.  i am now 15 months out and I am down a total of 200 lbs.  Good luck on your journey.

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on 11/25/11 8:28 am - Canada

i lost 12lbs on my 2 week pre-op diet. 
on 11/25/11 8:39 am - Royal Oak, MI
I just wanted to say good luck!

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on 11/25/11 8:45 am - Duluth, MN
I lost 9 pounds.
on 11/25/11 8:48 am - OH
I only did five days of liquids before surgery.  I don't know how much I lost, I didn't get on the scale.

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Paula F.
on 11/25/11 9:16 am - Rochester Hills , MI
I lost 20 lbs preop on the 2wk liquid diet.  I didn't cheat at all as I didn't want to risk an open surgery vs. a laparascopic procedure.

on 11/25/11 9:53 am - TX
That is one reason I havent strayed from my liquid diet. I had open surgery for my gall bladder removal and it was like a shark attack. i have a huge, terrible scar and it took 5 weeks to return to work. Since i started the 2-week liquid diet arounf 330 lbs, I think 16-20 pounds is possible if i stay focused.
Celia S.
on 11/25/11 10:23 am - Grand Junction, CO
First time I lost around 8 lbs, second time I lost around 4. I only had to do a 10 day pre-op diet instead of 2 weeks.
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