Can I take Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets after wls

on 11/27/11 8:11 pm
Guys I have a minor infection and have doxycycline from pre op. Can I still take this post op.

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 11/27/11 9:16 pm - OH
Yes.  Really the only restrictions on medications after RNY are on NSAIDs and extended/time release meds and antibiotics do not fall into either category (unless, of course, there are some new extended release antibiotics that I am not aware of).

I would see a doctor first, though, because different kinds of infections respond to different kinds of antibiotics and you don't want to take an antibiotic that will not help (not only because it will not help but also because of the concerns with over-use of antibiotics).


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on 11/27/11 9:37 pm
thank you so much for the advise.

Dave Chambers
on 11/27/11 11:12 pm - Mira Loma, CA
RNY on 05/10/06 with
Although antibiotics are ok to take, you may have some issues with some. I took Cipro on several occasions preop for treatment or prevention of infections after small procedures at the ER, etc.  I used without any issues. I got a bad cut post op and again used Cipro.  About 3 days later, I thought I had terminal diarrhea for a week.  I ended up stopping the Cipro and had to get a script for Lomotil to stop the diarrhea.  My PCP said the Cipro was probably "too good", killing off all bacteria in me, upsetting the natural balance in the colon.  I've use Bactrim on a couple of occasions since then, and have not had any similar issue. My medical chart is marked NO CIPRO, as a result.  DAVE

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on 11/28/11 12:45 am
I had to take cipro for a deep puncture (my dogs got into a fight and I tried breaking it up bad mistake) but anyways, I know cipro was so good it was so bad. I had to eat none stop yogurt of course this was pre op, but I will be very careful thank you