pouch spasms?

on 12/3/11 9:44 pm - IN
Do we have such things as pouch spasms? Yesterday after eating a small salad, I had the worst pain in my pouch! I couldn't even stand up straight! I don't know how to explain it but it felt like a leg cramp in my pouch. I could feel my pouch and it was hard as a rock. I was never sick, but sure wished I could have been. Every time I tried to vomit my pouch balled up even more! Can somebody help me figure out what this was? It is a feeling I NEVER want to have again! Thanks and have a great Sunday! 
Lori P.
on 12/4/11 12:13 am - Kenosha, WI
RNY on 05/24/10 with
Dont really know...but I had similar pain last week.  

It started with a salad in which I subsituted my usual 3oz of chicken with turkey.   I was in pain for two days.  It felt like labor pain though never complelty went away...just went from dull pain to sharp pain!  The only food I was able to tolerate was yogurt.  I have a very picky pouch and now I will no longer be eating turkey.   


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on 12/4/11 3:11 pm, edited 12/4/11 3:12 pm - CA
RNY on 05/31/11 with
When I was early out, I could feel my pouch ball up and cramp when I would dump on my liquid pain meds. Now, it doesn't happen often. It doesn't happen when I dump now (although I don't dump often anymore because I know what causes it -- knock on wood) but it has happened a couple of times recently when I have been EXTREMELY stressed out. Yep, I would describe it as cramping or "balling up". When it happens, I actually visualize it...in my mind, it looks like a hard, angry peach pit.

What I am describing here is a completely different feeling than what happens when food is stuck...that feels like I would imagine a heart attack would feel like.