After the weight loss insurance will pay for excess skin removal??

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 I know I am a newbie but is it true that insurance may pay for lifts or removal of excess skin after bypass? Does the surgeon automatically suggest this? Will the surgeon help get you approved for the plastic surgery? What are the requirements?How long after you reach maintenance weight or size can you put in for this surgery? How long does the process take and what is the procedure? Thank you in advance you all have been so helpful
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RNY on 02/25/11 with
 Hi, if you excersize you may not need that kind of surgery. I lost all my weight and I do not need
that type of surgery because of excersizing.

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On December 13, 2011 at 12:37 AM Pacific Time, sjweiser wrote:
 Hi, if you excersize you may not need that kind of surgery. I lost all my weight and I do not need
that type of surgery because of excersizing.

I disagree with this. I exersice every day and lift weights and I still have a ton of excess skin.

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How old are you and what type of eexercise plan did you do after the GBP?

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Exercise does not get rid of excess skin, just fat. Fat must be cut away. It tightens a little in time, but hardly.

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VSG on 11/16/15

I'm very happy for you, but as other people who've replied to your comment, I too exercise a lot and have a lot of excess skin.

I'm starting to use coconut oil, which helps with the abdomin, but alas, the thighs are just, well, suicidal. I use to have nice thick, meaty legs (for a guy that's pretty nice, as where they looked muscular as opposed to flabby), but now my legs/thighs are practically skin and bones, and I mean a LOT of skin, plagued with stretch marks at the inner thigh (I got as a teen, when I grew really quickly). NOTHING is helping to shrink this skin. It's so horrifying to see, and so painful when I constantly get diaper rashes from the excess skin rubbing against itself that it almost makes me wish I hadn't gotten the surgery. 

On top of that, as if being a 40+ year old white male isn't bad enough for my butt, this surgery killed whatever butt I had. Now all I have is skin that hangs down on my legs. Although my 5-8k of daily walking and stairs has helped, I still have nothing on my backside but a big overlapping fold of skin on each leg where my butt used to be.

All in all, despite this, I'm still glad I got the surgery. It has taught me that people eat WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. After the gastric sleeve, and not being able to eat more than a handful of food, and survive just fine, I see that what people around me are calling meal sizes is nothing more than plain and simple gluttony.

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Insurance will usually pay for skin removal IF the excess skin is causing a medical problem, like a rash or infection, that makes it medically necessary.  They will not pay just because it looks bad.  It's usually recommended that you wait until you've maintained your weight for at least six months.  In order to get insurance to pay for it, you'll need documentation from your doc (surgeon, PCP, both, doesn't matter) that the excess skin is causing a problem AND that you tried medication for the rash/infection but that didn't clear it up.

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The overwhelming majority of us will have excess skin after RNY no matter how much exercise we do. Many insurance companies will not pay for reconstructive surgery. Check with your insurance company to see if it is a possibility and what their requirements are. If your insurance company will not cover it, start saving now or make sure your credit is in good shape so you can get a loan when the time comes.


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you look good keep up the great job i known you feel better and also feel better about your would you pray for for me all go well 



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Hi Laura,

I would love to be able to speak to you. I am seriously considering the surgery and my weight/height/etc. is nearly exact to what you were before. If you are interested, please email me: [email protected]