What do we eat instead of pasta, bread and potatoes?

on 12/28/11 11:46 am - NC
I came from a home where having mashed potatoes or pasta as a side for meals was a standard.  Obviously, I love them both...What do we eat now instead of these things?  I have such a hard time planning meals...what to have with my chicken on the side with my vegetable?  What to have for breakfast or lunch without my traditional sandwich, toast, etc?  I would love some ideas...
Tessie W.
on 12/28/11 11:51 am

How far are you out of surgery?

I still eat pasta, potatoes, and breads - just not with every meal.  I buy whole grains and light breads.  If making mashed potatoes I add skim milk and fat free cheese, in fact that was a meal for me when I was early out. 

If you are talking about eating at home, why not just the chicken and a veggie?    

My staple for breakfast is a protein drink or bar, usually drink so I get a jump on my liquids. 

on 12/28/11 11:51 am - Grand Prairie, TX
I just forgo the starches. I will have a meat & a veggie for dinner. Lunch can be a roll-up of lunch meat and cheese. I miss the starches, too, but I don't miss all the problems that come with being MO. Good luck to you!

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dori M.
on 12/28/11 11:54 am - MD
 I've been having meat & veggies for my meals and just skipping the starchy side di****'s weird at first but you proably won't have any pouch space for it after eating the meats & veggies. It was strange the first time I made gumbo and didn't eat the rice but it's fine now. For lunch I usually pack a sandwich using  100 calorie whole grain sandwich thins or a salad with cut up meat. For breakfast I eat 1 scrambled egg and 2 slices of turkey bacon or some fiber one cereal.

on 12/28/11 11:55 am
Instead of bread for lunches I will have those carb control wraps by Mission.  They are good.  Sometimes I have whole wheat bread.

I just don't eat the carb with dinner. 
on 12/28/11 12:08 pm
It's all about making changes.  Today I went to Wendy's for chili (thanks to some posts that I read last night) and had it with fat free crackers.  When I have a sandwich I use low calorie bread.  Instead of mashed potatoes I have a baked sweet potato with nothing on it.  And I have switched from white rice to brown rice. 

Before surgery I was a huge carb fan (mostly rice and bread).  Now that I can only eat 4 oz at a time, I don't want to waste it with carbs.  I would much rather have some extra protein or a second vegetable.  But you know, every once in a while I REALLY want a bit of white rice or regular bread and I just do it.  I figure that one bite every month or so is not the end of the world. Funny thing is, most of the time when I have that bite, I realize that my tastes have changed and I don't really care for it anyway.

Good luck!
on 12/28/11 12:21 pm
I eat gluten free and avoid refined carbs.  I will eat potatoes or rice sometimes but not often.  I love making mashed cauliflower and I also will rice some cooked cauliflower to use instead of rice.  I make pizza crust out of riced cauliflower, too.  For pasta I usually use spaghetti squash.  For other ideas check out some low carb recipe websites.  One of my favorites is the Dukan diet recipe site.  They have a lot of interesting things on it.

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on 12/28/11 12:25 pm - OH
I eat those things, but not often.  Usually at meals I eat more of the main dish and less, or none, of the sides.  Or I just serve a veggie or fruit on the side instead of a starch.  I eat sandwiches sometimes but other times I eat the sandwich fillings without the bread.  For breakfast, I usually do a protein bar or protein shake.

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on 12/28/11 12:41 pm - FL
Nik has some recipes using cauliflower for rice, potatoes... zuchinni for pasta... www.bariaticfoodie.blogspot.com

and so does eggface www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com

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on 12/28/11 1:16 pm, edited 12/28/11 1:17 pm - Front Royal, VA
RNY on 08/29/11 with

isn't it funny how we've trained or learned that we need to have meat, starches and veggies at every meal?  I feel like you do, that is weird yanno, to not have those foods, however, I started cutting them out and really with the small amount of food you are eating, you won't miss them.   I may make pork chops and sauted brussel sprouts for dinner, we (me, husband and son) all eat them, no starches, and you know what, I make enough so noone is hungry after and noone has complained.  I think its more of our learned expectations that we have to have those foods with our meals.

 Now, I do eat bread, Arnold's makes a double protein whole grain bread that has 7 grams of protein per slice and I'll eat that with peanut butter on it, maybe even with some ripe banana too!  I have had very small amounts of rice (brown) and whole wheat pasta (with pesto and grilled chicken).  I haven't stopped eating those things, but I do it in smaller and healthier versions.  You can substitute the rice by using cauliflower, or make mashed cauliflower instead if you are craving potatoes, just do some atkins (low carb) searches and you'll find alternatives to help you when you have the cravings.  But try to just not have them, tell yourself, I don't need a starch, its okay, I am not missing out by not eating those taters, I have a juicy chicken breast and some roasted green beans, skip the taters!  Oh and I edited to add, that occassionally I will eat a baked tater with some protein on it, like chili and cheese and fat free sour cream, by the time I get to the actual potato part I've full on the other stuff and I really only ingest a little of the potato, so I feel satisfied and that craving has been met.


Good luck!