NSV The gym and speaking up for myself...

on 1/31/12 3:41 am - NC
I found out that our little town has a gym so I decided to try it out.  I need somewhere to go to get the exercise in, staying in the house is detremental to my staying healthy.  I get bored and frustrated and I start grazing.  So out I have to be.
I went in and told the owner about my complete lack of knowledge and the reason behind it.  The minute I mentioned gastric bypass he sort of made a face and a snort of derision.  I let it go and took a tour of the place after which I jumped on the tredmill and did my half hour of cardio.  During this time I kept thinking about how he reacted and how it bugged me, so after I was done I decided to do two things, find out how to use all that intimidating weight equipment, and to speak with him about his reaction.  I told him that when I came in his reaction to my story was sort of offensive, I told him I didn't think it was on purpose or to be mean but it took a lot for me to even come in the gym, and I seriously thought about walking out, but that was my usual reaction to being uncomfortable and I was there to grow not go.  He said it was not his intention to offend, that he new that it was a serious surgery and complicated and there was a lot of work involved. I guess it was his way to show sympathy.  I told him he might want to be more "concious" of his subconcious reactions, especially to a potentially new client.
So after this he lead me through most of the machines and  stayed with me through all of it teaching me how to breathe properly and proper form for my set.  I then did the stair stepper, elliptical,and recumbant bike.  All told I was there about an hour and a hal***** a workout in and spoke my mind about how someone made me feel...Not something I would of done a year a go.  Go Me!

on 1/31/12 3:53 am - NC
Good for you!!


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Kim S.
on 1/31/12 4:09 am - Helena, AL
That is awesome!  You have to be your biggest advocate!  Now, go build up some "guns" and punch him in the nose!

Seriously, I'll bet he'll be your biggest fan now.
Barb H.
on 1/31/12 4:18 am - Kailua-Kona, HI
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Huge kudos to you for standing up for yourself! And it sounds like you were tactful but explained how his reaction affected you. Way to go!! He may have his own pre-conceptions that maybe have clouded his knowledge of WLS but by being confronted by it, you actually afforded him an opportunity for a bit of personal growth. I love that he really spent time with you and you doing a half hour right away is really awesome. Gyms can be very intimidating so I applaud you for taking that first step!

Yay you!!
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on 1/31/12 4:27 am - MD
Good for you! Always stand up for yourself! Have fun at the gym!

on 1/31/12 5:11 am
Good for you!  You stood up for yourself, avoided returning rudeness for his rudeness, and educated someone else in the process.  I'm proud of you!
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on 1/31/12 6:15 am - Riverton, UT
 That's awesome.  Really it is.  I hope the gym works out for you!
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on 1/31/12 6:33 am
That is what it takes sometimes. He may end up being your best weight loss fan. Enjoy the gym and you will have good results if you go regularly.