on 2/15/12 12:32 am - Houston, TX
What can you guys tell me about ulcers post RNY? 

I am 19 months out and pretty convinced I have one. Haven't been to the doctor yet but since Saturday wasn't feeling good, had this soreness around my belly button area, lower back pains, dry heaving episodes, not much of an appetite and when I did eat couldn't eat very much. Chalked it up to being sick. Then yesterday a few people suggested that it sounded like an ulcer, researched ulcer and I basically had every symptom. Then I monitored what I ate and how it affected me, sure enough about 30-90 minutes after I ate the stomach pains & back pains would come back. I went and got some Zantac last night, took that last night and one this morning. Had some toast for an evening snack and it sat well with me. Earlier before the toast I had some grapes sure enough flared up the belly & back pains. I finally slept ALL night last night without getting up in pain or wanting to dry heave. This morning I felt a ton better than I have in days, doing a really bland diet for a few days.

So feedback on ulcers post RNY. Do you think if I feel better I shouldn't have to go in or do you think I should to be safe? Foods to avoid? Foods to eat? Medicines to take? Do they heal up on their own normally? How long do they last? I have researched but I want "real" people feedback if that makes any sense.
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Barb H.
on 2/15/12 4:04 am - Kailua-Kona, HI
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Call your doctor and get an appointment. Ulcers can be really really bad for us so it's best to get help. Although it sounds like you've already done a lot of the right things.
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on 2/15/12 8:21 am - Niceville, FL
 I am two years out and with my ulcer(s) I did not have pain in the belly button area, but did have the back pain. My pain was in the upper middle part of my abdomen, and it was a burning, gnawing type of pain. It got to the point that I was throwing up anything I ate and even water was painful. I went to the ER, they admitted me and two days later did an EGD and discovered a huge ulcer. Ulcers can perforate and bleed without warning, so I would definitely call to get an appointment ASAP to get a firm diagnosis so you can be started on the proper treatment if that's what it is.
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