carbonated water

on 2/23/12 12:18 am

What is your take on drinking filtered carbonated water drinks.

on 2/23/12 12:23 am
RNY on 01/16/12

I tried a carbonated beverage, once.  Didn't bother me but it also didn't quench my thirst b/c I had to drink it very slowly and keep doing little burps.  I think I got maybe 10 sips in, lol.  I haven't been told it's harmful, just that it could cause pain/gas.  

RNY 1/16/12

on 2/23/12 12:25 am
wow i didnt think that it was bad because it was water.
on 2/23/12 12:32 am - Sacramento, CA
I can't drink anything carbonated. I get sick. My stomach fills with gas and I'm just in to much pain. I avoid it.

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on 2/23/12 12:50 am
 I personally stay away from carbonated drinks. I already have enough gas. 
on 2/23/12 1:30 am
 It doesn't give me gas..I have a 1 litter bottle of a zero cal berry flavored carbonated water..I drink maybe 4oz a day..its like my little 
on 2/23/12 1:34 am
manda i bought that same one. It was like have a soda.
on 2/23/12 1:41 am
 I've seen people saying that they start back on diet sodas within a few months after surgery but I'd like to stay away from those until at least 6 months out. I got my bottle about a week ago..and I just started drinking it maybe 3 days ago..I tried two ounces the first day and when I didn't have an issue with that I upped to 4 oz..It feels good to drink something bubbly..I have it at the end of the day as my...way to go you got all your protein in today..reward..haha
on 2/23/12 1:48 am
Iwas just told by my doc office that i shouldnt be drink it. no  carbonated drinks for me.
on 2/23/12 2:00 am - OH
Why not?

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