Seizures after RNY??

crystal C.
on 2/25/12 10:09 am - lynn, MA

I havent posted on here in a while, probably even before my surgery.  I am 6 months post-op from RNY.  On Monday I was in the gym and woke up in the back on an ambulance.  Apparently I had a seizure.  I have had seizures in the past, only 3 and I have been seizure free for 11 years.  I take 6 seizure pills a day to control it.  I had 2 ribs broken from someone preforming CPR on me at the gym, so I am in a lot of pain!!  I saw my neruologist he seems to think maybe I havent been absorbing my capsules for the past 6 months and that is what caused me to seize?!  Anyone ever hear of RNY'ers not absorbing capsules?  and would it take 6 months for this to happen to me?  Has anyone else been effected by seizures after RNY? 

on 2/25/12 10:16 am - OH
We absorb capsules just fine.  They are usually make of gelatin and dissolve very easily. 

Is it an extended release med?  We don't absorb those real well.  Also, depending on the med and where it is normally absorbed in the body, it may not be absorbing well.  Like if it is normally absorbed in the upper part of the small intestine, well, you don't have that anymore.  But the fact that it's in a capsule form  should not be a problem.

As far as why it would happen after six months, if you're not absorbing the meds correctly, I don't know.  That would be a question for your doctor, I guess.  How often do you typically have seizures if you don't take meds for it?

I had a seizure once since my RNY.  It was last summer and I believe it was due to low blood sugar.    It only happened that one time.  My PCP said she would recommend seeing a neurologist if it happened again, but so far it hasn't.

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crystal C.
on 2/25/12 10:23 am - lynn, MA
I didnt have low blood sugar that was the first thing that I asked the er nurse if the emt checked it and she said it was normal.   I am hoping it was a freak thing because I never heard of the capsule thing.  My PCP did mention that I may not be absorbing my meds in my intestine anymore though.  Boo!
on 2/25/12 12:08 pm
RNY on 06/08/11 with
The only person I know that has had seisures after RNY is Beth (Melting Mama or M M).  I am not sure if she had them before surgery or not.



crystal C.
on 2/25/12 1:25 pm - lynn, MA
Thanks, were FB friends I already reached out to her.  I guess I am just scared of it happening at any moment.
on 2/25/12 8:44 pm
 If you search online you will find more and more people saying they have seizures after RNY 

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on 12/19/12 8:54 am

I had gastric bypass surgery in January 2012.  I had a great surgeon and a great experience...until November 24th.  I was Christmas shopping with my kids.  I saw a few flashes of light and that's all I remember.  I woke up laying on the floor of Sears with a paramedic leaning over me.  My kids were crying and frightened.  I had no memory of anything.  Other shoppers said I fell into a display, hitting my head off the floor; some say I took a seizure.  Tests were ran at the ER and everything came back OK.  I went to a neurologist upon my PCPs recommendation.  My MRI looked great, but my EEG showed sharp brain waves in the left temporal lobe, which is consistent with seizure disorder.  I am 37 years old and have NEVER had any neurological issues.  I'm now reading where people who have had gastric bypass are having seizures.  My doctor put me on Keppra.  I pray it keeps the seizures away.  I have so much fear of it happening again.  I've already lost my license for 6 months.  My family depends on my income to make ends meet.  I feel like my life has been turned upside down.  I will admit the day this happened, I hadn't eaten and I did have a regular fountain Dr. Pepper.  I also was not consistently taking my vitamins as gastric bypass patients are supposed to do.  Since having the seizure, I've cut out all caffeine and sugary beverages and consistently take my vitamins.  I'm hoping by doing all the right things and taking my seizure meds will help keep them under control.  I would appreciate any feedback.

Citizen (USA & Brit) Kim
on 12/19/12 9:10 am, edited 12/19/12 9:12 am - Castle Rock, CO

Did anyone take your blood sugar at the time you collapsed (paramedics) - this is very consistent with a very low blood sugar and so could be a result of your not eating and/or drinking a Dr Pepper which could have given you an RH episode.

Both of these can be common with RNY and are easily controlled by eating and drinking on plan!   Hopefully this is not a true seizure disorder and you can halt the symptoms by adjusting your diet plan ...


ETA:   I have been on OH for 9 years and have NOT seen a lot of RNY'ers with seizures after surgery - most of these occurrences seem to be RH rather than any problem with the brain per se!

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on 12/19/12 10:01 am

That day was such a blur; I don't remember, but I don't think my blood sugar was taken until I got to the hospital.  Thank you so much; your response is very encouraging.

on 12/19/12 10:02 am

If you don't mind me asking, what is an RH episode?  Thank you!