Do people eat popcorn after gastric bypass?

on 3/10/12 4:09 pm - PA
 I am only a month out from surgery, but am just wondering, if I get in enough protein and fluids during the day, is popcorn ok?  Of course it would be no salt and no butter.  I was just wondering.  I understand I don't want to waste pouch space and get enough protein in.  Of course at this point I am still only tolerating soft foods and protein shakes/puddings.
Thanks for any input.
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on 3/10/12 4:14 pm - OH
Well, some people do.  I eat popcorn.  I put butter and salt on mine, though.

I was not supposed to eat it at one month post op,though.  I was still on soft foods then.

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on 11/12/13 9:24 pm

Did your Dr. say you can have popcorn?  I was just filling out a form as part of my process to get surgery and it asked if I was willing to give up popcorn. (I don't know details about that yet.)

on 3/10/12 4:20 pm - NJ
i started eating popcorn about 3.5 wks post op.  its one of the few foods that doesnt make me puke.  just a small bag of reg lightly salted or buttered popcorn wont kill you.  I have about 1 bag a week, its a non filling food so you dont want to overdo it by scarfing it every day. 
on 3/10/12 11:31 pm, edited 3/10/12 11:33 pm - Suffern, NY
please be really careful - the kernel are very hard to digest and I was told to wait a year plus you need concentrate on protein - you shouldnt' be eating starches at 3 1/2 weeks, I was still on pureeds, never mind junk food - it can also swell up and clog your stoma that early up it is still swollen and healing - that could also get stuck in your suture line and you could end up back in surgery


on 3/10/12 4:21 pm - TX
I waited a very long time before I attempted popcorn.  It swells.  You need to check your plan to see when, and if, you can have it.  It swells, and you don't want to eat some that  then causes an issue for you because you are too early at this point.  Check your plan, and if it is not listed, ask your NUT or bariatric nurse.

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on 3/10/12 4:30 pm - NJ
I eat it, and although it does have fiber "good carbs", it still has lots of carbs.  Now that I maintain, I don't eat it as often as I did when I was losing.  When I do eat it, I pop it on the stove top using coconut oil - soooo good!!
on 3/10/12 4:31 pm
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I eat popcorn (with butter and salt...microwave)'s my treat!  I didn't start eating it until 9 months out or so though. I probably could have eaten it sooner, but I didn't. I wouldn't try it at your stage though, definitely act your surgeon.

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on 3/10/12 4:34 pm - PA
 Good Advice!  Thanks everyone!  I was just thinking ahead to next winter and the holidays...would be nice to have just a handful or so of plain popcorn when I am around others and want to munch.  I do understand snacking and grazing is a no-no, but I do think realistically there are times that it should be ok, especially if it isn't very often at all!  
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on 3/10/12 4:58 pm - OH
I don't think snacking is a no-no as long as it fits into your plan.  I eat about six times a day, so one of those times I could have popcorn if I wanted, as long as I made sure I got enough protein the rest of the day.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


on 3/10/12 4:40 pm
I think I was 6 months when I tried it...It surprises me either how diffently the post op food plan has changed in the last 4 yrs...or people are taking chances and not following the surgeons instructions.  Did he say 3 1/2 weeks out...?  You get a a hard piece of popcorn or lodged in a suture site...I don't get it...


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on 3/10/12 5:56 pm - OH
 I was a little surprised at popcorn 3.5 weeks out, too.  My surgeon's post-op plan was pretty liberal (soft foods before I ever left the hospital and eating almost all foods (except hard to digest stuff) by 2 months out) but I, too, was probably 6 months out before I had any popcorn.  Mostly because I was focusing so much on protein and was following the protein at every meal/snack rule, and then only had room for a bite or two of anything else once I ate the protein, so until i was aout 5 or 6 months out, the thought of using pouch space for popcorn just wasn't on my radar.  

I don't think the post-pp food plan has changed that much since we had our surgeries... But I suppose individual surgeons might ba e different thoughts abite specific foods.  Mine, for example, despite getting her patient's back on solid food quickly, wanted us to hold off on broccoli because it is both hard to chew to mush and hard to digest, but I frequently read of people eating it earlier than I was supposed to.


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on 3/10/12 4:46 pm - Midlothian, TX
 Oh yes.  Yes yes yes.  And way more than I think I should sometimes.  It fits in the tummy so nicely.  :)
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Lady Lithia
on 3/10/12 4:48 pm

The only time I have popcorn is when I go to the movies with hubby. Since that is at most three or four times a year, it can't make me fat. But I didn't for the first six months or so.

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on 3/10/12 5:12 pm
It was at least a year before I tried it but I eat it almost every night now.  I use an air popper but I love real butter on it.  I probably eat more then I should but I love it.  It is the only thing I eat usually that isn't protein.

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Elisa S.
on 3/10/12 5:28 pm - Richmond Hill, Canada
Eventually you can eat popcorn... as for me I know if I eat popcorn I get sick... I know that having a bit I am okay but then I end up having major gas and bloating and it is not worth it... so once you are a year out and want to try it good luck...

on 3/10/12 6:05 pm - FL

While I think it might still be a little too early for you to be considering popcorn, I will add that I eat it at least once each week.  My husband and I are avid movie fans, and he always buys a bag of popcorn, and I usually have a few handfuls.  Never had a problem with it.

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 3/10/12 6:05 pm - OH
Popcorn without butter or salt?!? Yuck.

I am confused about your question.  To answer the title of your post, yes, lots of people eat popcorn after RNY. I make some about once or twice a month. If you are asking, though -- as it sounds in the text of your post -- if it is ok for you to have some NOW after you get your protein in (when you are still on soft foods only), the answer would be no, since popcorn is not a soft food.


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on 3/10/12 7:20 pm
My NUT told us we could try it at 6 months out.  I just tried it last month.  I was so nervous about how it would go down.  It is okay but I get a little chokey from the hulls.  I get the 100 cal size and some times you need something salty.  There is no way I would have considered it as early out as you are.  I didn't even eat sweet cherries last summer cause I was worried I would swallow a pit and didn't know what would happen if I did.  I am a year out now and a little braver.
on 3/10/12 11:52 pm - NJ
yes, my dr put me on solids as of week 3, however i found then, and still find most solids not agreeing with me, yet my fiber-one bars i can eat no problem.  And as far as popcorn kernals, when you bite into a hard kernel, spit it out.   everyones a little different, I have no problems with most breads but other solids i cant take, and others are the opposite. 

I say find what works for you,  :)