Protein shake trouble.

on 3/16/12 9:40 am - NC
I used to drink protein shakes all the time and had no problems what so ever but for the last several months everytime I have one whether it's RTD or made I end up having severe pain in my stomach.  I believe it's an air bubble, I usually have to rub and rub and shake my tummy around to get it to move.  After it's over it sometimes just leaves me wore out.  Why would I have such trouble now and not just after surgery (i'm 16 months out)?  Anyone else have this happen to them?    On a similar topic I have an unopened can of Vanilla Latte Click, first to ask for it can have it!

on 3/16/12 9:44 am - WI
RNY on 01/18/12
I'd love it! Let me know!
It sounds weird but maybe it is a bubble???
on 3/16/12 9:49 am - NC
You got it...send me your address to my [email protected]  I'll get it in the mail on Monday.
Price S.
on 3/16/12 12:22 pm - Mills River, NC
Sorry you are having problems.  does it happen if the protein is warm instead of cold?  What if you don't use a blender.  I use a blender at night to make a shake with ice but have warm decaf protein coffee in the morning and Nectar Lemon Tea with a crystal light tube and 48 oz of water during the day.  It mixes easily with a spoon and you don't get all the foam/bubbles. 

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