Phentermine after Gastric Bypass

on 3/26/12 1:36 am
Hello Everyone!! I have a question for the vets or at least the people who have been around long enough to have seen and heard it all.

Has anyone used Phentermine after RNY?
If you did, what were your results?

The reason I am asking is because I want to loose another 10 pounds and I have done everything short of cutting off my right leg.  I am in the gym 4 times a week, I do my protein and I track my calories.  I eat pretty balanced, I still have bread at least once a day (toast for breakfast).  I still have great restriction with my pouch, but head hunger is my biggest issue. 

Can I just say that I am mentally exhausted fighting the cravings and the head hunger - I honestly just want to cry. But anyway, can I get a little feedback on the phentermine.
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on 3/26/12 1:47 am
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 I haven't used it after surgery (I'm 3.5 weeks out), but I did use it for 6 months about 2 years before surgery.  

My concerns would be that you will likely need to really up your water intake since it made me run to the bathroom every few minutes.  It also didn't do anything for my "head hunger" at the time.  

I didn't feel hungry but I still wanted bread and other carbs.

I would work with your surgeon's office before starting it.

on 3/26/12 2:18 am
I havn't been on this website in over 6 months and just signed last week to do a lil research on Phentermine myself. Your question is basically a duplicate of what I was going to ask. But anyways...I had surgery Nov of 2010 and I have a lil more weight to lose I am in the same boat you are in. I went and seen my surgeon on Wed of last week and he gave me 2 months of phentermine. I started taking it on Thursday and this morning I weighded myself and was down 6 to 7 pounds. I am so excited to finally see that damn scale move. I was very honest with my doc about my head hunger and he had no problems with me taking the pills for a couple months...but he also said it was short term. I'm ok with that since I can't eat enuf to gain wieght. I say go for it! I have to make myself eat now!!! 
on 3/26/12 7:36 am - Cincinnati, OH
I go to a gym/weight loss center run by a bariatric surgeon.  They also work with non-WLS clients, and offer an Adipex (name brand phentermine) program as well as an HCG program.  I talked briefly with them about what would my options be if I hit my goal weight and want to lose more but have trouble (still 98 lbs away, so it was hypothetical), and we all thought the Adipex would be less effective b/c of malabsorbtion issues.  The HCG program, however, has a strict 500 calorie diet for 3 weeks, and they weren't sure if that would be feasible either, also because of the malabsorbtion.  This was all assuming I was still in the malabsorbtion period.  So we left it as something to discuss further down the line, if it's even needed.  I wouldn't be opposed to trying either, so long as I was being very closely monitored. 

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on 3/26/12 7:39 am - OH
I will be honest... Doing that goes against EVERY reason that I, personally, HAD surgery, and the couple of people I know IRL who have taken it (or other weight loss drugs) have not been particularly success (but have had some success).  I am not saying that this applies to YOU, because I don't know you at all, but everyone I know IRL who started taking it did so because they did not want to be bothered with having to do any hard work to lose their regain OR refused to listen when the surgeon told them they were at a healthy weight and should NOT lose any more... But vanity won and they got another doc to prescribe it (and then whined when they still didn't lose that extra however-many pounds).


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on 3/27/12 3:59 am
I totally understand where you are coming from Lora. I never thought I would have to resort to such a thought after surgery, thanks for your insights. 

Just a few more steps to wonderland......and believe me I am taking baby steps (ugh).
on 3/26/12 8:01 am - Regina, Canada
 I am sort of mixed,  I can see using something to push past a stall, but I guess my question is, wouldn't therapy or a support group be better for the head hunger issues?  Cause even after you stop taking the medication you will have to fight that demon?  Also we can gain weight after's only a tool we still have to eat properly etc.

on 3/27/12 4:08 am

Thanks so much for your response. I have been in therapy since the beginning of the process and it has not been successful for me. I know probably more techniques to deal with head hunger than most professionals.  I am still active in my bariatric support group provided by my hospital.  All of this is why I am so sad - that no amount of help has made things better.

I am more than aware of weight gain after surgery, I guess that is why I am so freaked out about losing this last 10 pounds.....actually I would like to lose 20 but who is counting. 
Just a few more steps to wonderland......and believe me I am taking baby steps (ugh).
on 3/26/12 2:36 pm
Instead of taking a drug why don't you give your WLS a chance.  I know I sound like a broken record but instead of taking a potentially dangerous drug and risk the side effects, why don't you try giving up the refined carbs for a few weeks.  Without refined carbs in your system the cravings will go away and you won't be fighting them all the time.  I really believe, and have seen it time and time again, that not eating things with sugar and wheat will do more for your weight loss then 6 hours a day in the gym, as far as losing excess weight.
I always say that you could give it a try and if it doesn't work out for you and you don't see weight coming off then you can always go back to eating them.  They aren't going anywhere.
You said that you have done everything short of cutting off your leg.  Have you gone completely sugar and gluten free for any length of time?  If not, give it a try.  Nothing to lose but the excess pounds that plague you.

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on 3/27/12 4:39 am - Pelham, AL
I used it a few months back to help me get back on track after a year of getting off program.  It really helped me get the ball rolling, and cut down on cravings that I was having.  I used it for a couple of months.
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