Juicing and RNY?

artroxy blue
on 3/26/12 10:33 pm - MA
RNY on 08/14/12 with
 I'm wondering if anyone incorporates juicing into their lifestyle, post-op? 

I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night, and one of the guys on there lost an amazing amount of weight through juicing. I'm not planning to juice anytime soon, but was thinking about this. It seems that some juicing might be beneficial since it's packed with tons of micronutrients. Since we have some malabsorption post-op, this might be an extra boost? 

I'm not talking about making smoothies, so no additional sugars, etc. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks again!
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on 3/26/12 10:38 pm - waukesha, WI
For me........Juice has way to much calories and WAY TO MUCH SUGAR.  I use fresh juice (veggies and min fruit) as a treat.  I use whole fruit (has fiber) in my smoothies along with some fruit powders (from health food store and is low in sugar and calories) as supplement. 
on 3/26/12 10:45 pm - PA
RNY on 04/04/12

You may want to ask your nutritionist the best way to incorporate this.  Juicing whole fruits and veggies is a great way to get vitamins into your system and is very good for you.  A friend of mine who is almost a year out does alot of juicing.  You may want to start by getting a book with some juicing recipes in it.  We have one that mixes fruits and veggies together and I would think that by doing so you wouldn't get too much natural sugar at once but then again you may just want to pace yourself with small amounts first to see how you react to different ones. I know I've read that berries are the best fruits to start with after RNY and they pack some of the best antioxidants.  I also don't see why you couldn't do some juicing and add either a flavored or unflavored protein to it for a great meal replacement :)

Good Luck!!

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on 3/27/12 12:25 am - Bloomington, MN
 Many programs advise against consuming large amounts of juice, as it is high in sugar(even if it is fructose)  and no accompanying bulk.  My program says no more than 1/4 c of juice a day.  Whole fruits are fine.  The goal with most nutritional plans is to use high density foods, especially protein, to keep you full longer.  Juices would 'run through' rapidly and not lead to satiety. 

on 3/27/12 12:45 am
RNY on 02/15/12
Ha, all the way up until you said "packed with micronutrients" I thought you were talking about steroids. Juicing. I was all, "WTH?"

I would stay away from the juicing in large quantities. As long as you're taking your vitamins properly, you shouldn't be having problems getting your nutrients in. Juice is SO calorie dense, full of fructose, and there's no fiber to help fill you up or create a solid bowel movement. You'll likely end up with diarrhea if you consume a lot of juice regularly.

Also, if this is a priority for you at all, consider that juicing is REALLY far removed from the natural state of eating. It's not what our bodies are meant to consume because it's not nutritionally complete.

Of course, the decision is ultimately yours--if you give it a try, you might find your body reacts really well. Or it might not. Good luck, however you choose.
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Brittany M.
on 3/27/12 1:19 am
LOL @ "juicing"!!
artroxy blue
on 3/28/12 8:17 am - MA
RNY on 08/14/12 with
 Thanks everyone! 

I thought about it afterwards, and I think that might be too much natural sugar.  However, I was thinking more of, say, spinach juice, when I originally posted. If I have mango juice, it's all over, Johnny! LOL I guess it's something to talk to the nut about, and go from there. 
on 3/28/12 8:32 am - Rochester, NY
 you could always try a green smoothie where you blend the kale/spinach/whatever in with other things.  i have one every morning and it's YUMMO

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artroxy blue
on 3/29/12 10:26 am - MA
RNY on 08/14/12 with
 Thanks! I'll give it a shot after surgery! I mean, it's got to make those protein shakes more tolerable, right? 
on 1/2/13 3:15 am - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 12/07/09 with

I've developed osteoporsis  since my RNY and I'm needing to know if I juiced Kale, Collards, and other such greens, would be good for me.  It's hard to eat the greens, even when I chop them up.  I'm wondering, since juice flows through our pouches, would I absorb the nutrients from juicing?


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