My 600-lb. life update show

on 3/28/12 12:16 pm - Baltimore, MD
Who has seen it?

I LIKE the way they set the show up. From it being hosted by an eating disorder professional to the fact that they called folks to the carpet on the tough issues, it was a good show.

Of all of the patients I think Melissa and Donald (? - the black guy) are my faves. They both seem to have the healthiest outlooks about this whole thing. Melissa is very cognizant of the fact that this is a lifelong battle and she seems to know where her food demons live even if she's not always great at avoiding them.

The guy who is paralyzed. Yikes. So glad his mom admitted she was/is an enabler. And him! The excuses sort of boggled my mind but I am SO glad Melissa called him on it. It sort of made me think of this board, especially after last week. She pointed out that support is calling people out on their BS but also pointing out that you are there to help them when they are ready to do the right thing. I don't think she could have stated it any better, frankly.

She and her husband...I don't think they are going to make it. I think he married her to feel important. At 600 lbs she NEEDED him. Now she doesn't and he can't deal. Which is sad. But it almost seems to me like her daughter is enough to make her happy.

These folks also humbled me. None of them is what we would consider "skinny" and none of them seem to mind. It makes me feel so vain and arrogant that I get disappointed sometimes at not being skinny. Just like them, I got my life back. I can move and participate and do all sorts of things I wouldn't or couldn't do before. They seem to get that (but then they are all...what? Now 8 years probably out...) and I wish my brain would get to that point.

I was also encouraged that everyone *****gained seemed to have re-LOST some of that regain. That makes me hopeful.

Who else watched and what did you think?

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on 3/28/12 12:47 pm - Grantsboro, NC
I watched all the shows, including the update show, & loved them. I thought that they did a great job of showing some of the problems and some of the triumphs that are part of the journey. In the limited amount of time available to portray each individual's path they managed to fit alot.

The black guy's name is Henry (Donald is the one who's paralyzed and has the mom who needs counseling!) I agree that he and Melissa seem to have the best handle on things. I am also glad that Ashley and her mom are doing a little better, although I think they could also benefit from counseling. I felt Ashley still held in a lot of pain from her mother's treatment of her in the past and had not really been able to let go of that yet.

Like you, I was very encouraged that they had been able to lose some or all of the regain at such a long time out from their surgery. I hope that at least some people who watched the show who have never dealt with a weight problem might have a better understanding of just how totally it can effect someone's life.

All in all, I think they did a great job of helping people understand that MO (or super MO) is not a fun way to have to live, that WLS is no miracle cure, that it is NOT the easy way out, that it CAN fail,that keeping the weight off is a lifelong battle, and that losing weight doesn't magically fix all your problems.

I say yayyyy TLC and those 4 people who were willing to give up a lot of their privacy over a very long period of time and let us all eavesdrop on their lives, struggles, tears, pain, victories, celebrations, slip ups and everything else.
on 3/28/12 12:59 pm - West Chester, PA
 ahh! i forgot it was on! i got sucked into wife swap tonight and it's been on for hours now lol

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on 3/28/12 1:51 pm
RNY on 02/15/12
I found it interesting that when Ashley and her mom were featured, her mom kept touching her and putting her hand on her leg, and telling the interviewer that everything's hunky dory now...and Ashley wanted nothing to do with it, kept her arms crossed. Tension, much?

That part made me a little teary, though. Because I know my mom was at home watching this show as well, and she's been so wonderful through this whole process.
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on 3/28/12 2:00 pm
RNY on 02/15/12
And as for Melissa's husband--yikes. What a piece of work he is.

His voice makes me crazy. He's whiney and obnoxious.

It's not just the affairs, either--I've never been one to assume a marriage is automatically over if an affair is had. People can work through that.

But he's manipulative and he puts people into positions that best benefit HIM, without regard to how those manipulations affect the people involved. And that's not cool. Not cool at all.

I hope she gets rid of him and moves on. Onward and upward, girl.
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Highest weight: 269.  Surgery weight: 233.  Goal weight: 144, and then we'll see.. 
on 3/28/12 2:37 pm - freeport, TX
RNY on 08/19/09 with
I am fortunate enough to know Melissa sorta. She works for my surgeon. She is an amazing person in real life. She was there for me thru my surgery and when I had a suspected blocked intestine ten days after my RNY. She is very honest and open.

All in all I like the show. It does help to open people eyes to the fact that WLS isn't the easy way out and it's not a magic cure all. I missed most of the last show but did catch the interview with Melissa and her hubby. I also agree that she should move on, but then again I agreed that I should have worked harder all my life to not gain the weight I did. My mother would have said, shoulda woulda coulda but didn't. We all have issues, it has to be insanely difficult for her to put all her personal issues out there like that. They were all brave to do that show.

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on 3/28/12 3:23 pm - West Chester, PA
 ugh i just looked and it's not on again at all this week. hopefully it goes on demand!

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on 3/28/12 9:28 pm
RNY on 06/08/11 with
I saw the entire series.  Each one of them had a family member that was an enabler.  Ashley's mom was a real piece of work.  To tell someone you are going to eat in front of them after surgery and they can't have cruel is that, Donald's mother/family eatting take out fried chicken in front of him,  Richard's mom stuffing his face when he could not feed himself, it made me sad/mad.  I agree that Melissa should dump that husband of hers.

It did make me appreciate my family.  I am glad they are doing well now.  While not "skinny" they are now functional which they weren't before. 



on 3/28/12 10:35 pm
 I've got to watch this today.

Thanks for the reminder.
on 3/29/12 2:00 pm - MD
RNY on 03/19/12
I watched the reunion show and Melissa's story. I agree that Melissa should move on and stop saying her "second husband" but just do it. Go get that 2nd husband.
Yes, he feels as if he has no purpose anymore since he does not need to take care of her anymore.

I too felt very encouraged that they had been able to lose some of what they regained at such a long time out from their surgery.

It opened my eyes and reminded me that this is a life long journey. I wish some people who I know who have not been so supportive could see this show. Maybe they will realize that this too is serious health issue that must be addressed. It too is life-threatening issue.

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