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Gastric Bypass Recovery Time

on 4/3/12 2:31 am
I really need some advice.  What is the recovery time for the Gastric Bypass and  the recovery time for the Verticle Sleeve?  My insurance does not cover the Verticle Sleeve so I am considering the Gastric Bypass.  I would also like to know if there is more pain with one than the other?  I would really appreciate advice about this.  Thank you so much!  I will tell you I am afraid and I need to discuss this.
on 4/3/12 2:55 am - Germantown, MD
 Would be a good idea to cross-post this to the Sleeve forum to get their input - and recovery is very individual, so it'd be hard to predict what your experience would be like, but for me, I was back to work at about 2.5 weeks postop but didn't feel "normal" with much energy to function until about week 5 postop. Majority of my postop pain was gas and was on liquid Tylenol #3 for about a week postop.

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on 4/3/12 3:48 pm
Thank you so much for you input I really appeciate it.  Gives me an idea of what to expect.
on 4/3/12 4:09 am
RNY on 06/08/11 with

Lap surgery has quicker recovery time and less pain than an open surgery.  Lots of people return to work after 2 -3 weeks.  I was off 5 weeks but could have returned sooner.  My biggest issue was the allergic reaction I had to the oral pain med that they sent me home with.  I am allergic to codeine .



on 4/3/12 3:52 pm
Thank you for the information, it will help me make a decision.  Sorry about the codeine, that would be terrible to be allergic to that.  I am allergic to Nubain and several things.. 
Dragonfly Dreamer
on 4/3/12 4:50 am - Canada
I was feeling about 85% on day 6.. 2 weeks post op I felt completely normal besides having issues with sleep... along with fighting cravings and eating less. But that was my experience.
on 4/3/12 3:54 pm
Thank you for replying.  It really helps to know what I can expect.  I know everyone is different.
on 4/3/12 5:22 am
I felt about 75% healed at week 2 and 100% by week 3. 
1Haute Diva
on 4/3/12 5:42 am - Fort Stewart, GA
RNY on 03/20/12
I'm 2 weeks out today and feel pretty much normal besides a little rundown. I've been feeling "normal" for a few days now. I was off of the pain meds about 3 days post-op.
- Shaw
on 4/3/12 3:58 pm
Thank you for reply right after surgery.  You sound like you are doing well.  Congratulation, I will pray everything continues to go well for you. 
on 4/3/12 6:09 am, edited 4/3/12 6:10 am
 I had the sleeve surgery.

2 days, 1 night in the hospital with an option to stay a second night- I declined.
4 days after surgery attended Christmas Eve dinner with the family no problem, started walking a mile a day (gently)
7 days out no pain from the stomach sugery left, but some discomfort still from the hiatal hernia surgery.
14 days out, went back to work in my classroom with absolutely no difficulty.

Pain was super minimal the entire time and I would classify the recovery as very easy :)  The gas pain over the first 3 days was uncomfortable, but very very manageable.  I used pain medication from the pump twice in the hospital, but because I thought I "had" to- faired better without it.  I used Loritab once at home after I overdid it on the elliptical 10 days out.  Duh. 

On our sleeve board many share the exprience that  I had.  Some struggle a little more, but within the first few weeks progress very nicely.  Even the rare leak person would do it over again. PM if you have any questions.

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on 4/3/12 4:02 pm
Thank you for the detailed information.  I would like to do the sleeve but my Medicaid insurance does not cover it at this time.  I am very thankful that so many replied to me.  It will help me make my decision and feel better about it.
on 4/3/12 7:34 am - At Home in, NH
Off of pain meds at 1 weeks post op. Back to work at three weeks post-op (sedentary, desk job). Tired but totally functional (not that I was ever dysfunctional, mind you) by one month post op. At 6-8 weeks, I was feeling back to normal, and doing well on my journey.

"Just keep swimming." ~ Dorrie

on 4/3/12 4:06 pm
Thank you so much for your reply.  Since so many replied I do have some idea of what to expect.  I do feel I can handle it and I feel so much better about it.  I need the weight off!
Jennifer M.
on 4/3/12 9:37 am - MN
RNY on 02/17/12 with
 RNY here.  I had five nights in the hospital (very conservative approach).  On the fifth post-op day, I traveled home.  On the sixth post-op day, I worked a full day.  On the seventh post-op day, I worked half a day.

The next two weeks, I worked about 3/5ths time.  The last two weeks, I've been back to work full time.  I feel fine, so long as I get my food in.  I do get tired at night... and sometimes I want a nap during the day.  

My friends who have had the sleeve have had slightly shorter recovery times, but I don't know if that's because they were younger and had less wear and tear on their bodies, or if the surgery itself is easier.

I do recommend that you take two weeks' off work, minimum, no matter which surgery you have.  The second week, you can focus on establishing your new lifestyle if you are fully recovered from surgery.
on 4/3/12 4:12 pm
Thank you for the detail schedule of what you did after surgery.  Sounds like you did very well!
I feel a lot better about having this surgery since so many replied.  I have had several surgeries in the past so I know I can handle this one.  It is very important to me that I get the weight off because I have several co-morbidies. 
Jennifer M.
on 4/3/12 5:11 pm - MN
RNY on 02/17/12 with
 You and me both!  This was my fifth surgery (three for endometriosis, two of those open, and one gall bladder removal).  One of the things that I think contributed to not being at my best quickly was that the surgeon found and repaired a large hiatal hernia.   I didn't have any complications, and I recovered from the actual surgery just fine, but man... some days, I feel like I was run over by a truck.  (Today was one of those days).  

As I'm able to eat more protein, I find I feel better.  Add in vitamins, and I feel much better.   Unfortunately, I discovered a lot of early food intolerances, some of which have resolved themselves.  

Many mornings over the past six weeks, I've had to delay going into work, simply because I've eaten the wrong thing.   One day, I had a dumping episode when I didn't get breakfast at home, and I tried to eat a protein bar on the way to the office.  On that day, I had to go home early (not easy when you work 35 miles from home and drive to the office in a car pool).

So, just remember that you might need some flexibility from your work, even after your two weeks' medical leave.

Good luck!
on 4/3/12 4:45 pm
I want to thank everyone for their replies!  I don't feel as afriad now.  I feel I can do the Gastric Bypass.  I have had several surgeries, tonsilectomy at age 36,  2 c- sections, complete hysterectomy and gallbladder surgery.  I was cut 3 times in the same place.  So I know I can do the gastric bypass.  I have to get the weight off because of several co-morbidities.  Plus there is the bonus fo looking better!
Hugs and blessing, Shawn