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Gastric Bypass Recovery Time

on 4/3/12 2:31 am
I really need some advice.  What is the recovery time for the Gastric Bypass and  the recovery time for the Verticle Sleeve?  My insurance does not cover the Verticle Sleeve so I am considering the Gastric Bypass.  I would also like to know if there is more pain with one than the other?  I would really appreciate advice about this.  Thank you so much!  I will tell you I am afraid and I need to discuss this.
on 4/3/12 2:55 am - Germantown, MD
 Would be a good idea to cross-post this to the Sleeve forum to get their input - and recovery is very individual, so it'd be hard to predict what your experience would be like, but for me, I was back to work at about 2.5 weeks postop but didn't feel "normal" with much energy to function until about week 5 postop. Majority of my postop pain was gas and was on liquid Tylenol #3 for about a week postop.

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on 4/3/12 3:48 pm
Thank you so much for you input I really appeciate it.  Gives me an idea of what to expect.
on 4/3/12 4:09 am
RNY on 06/08/11 with

Lap surgery has quicker recovery time and less pain than an open surgery.  Lots of people return to work after 2 -3 weeks.  I was off 5 weeks but could have returned sooner.  My biggest issue was the allergic reaction I had to the oral pain med that they sent me home with.  I am allergic to codeine .



on 4/3/12 3:52 pm
Thank you for the information, it will help me make a decision.  Sorry about the codeine, that would be terrible to be allergic to that.  I am allergic to Nubain and several things.. 
Dragonfly Dreamer
on 4/3/12 4:50 am - Canada
I was feeling about 85% on day 6.. 2 weeks post op I felt completely normal besides having issues with sleep... along with fighting cravings and eating less. But that was my experience.
on 4/3/12 3:54 pm
Thank you for replying.  It really helps to know what I can expect.  I know everyone is different.
on 4/3/12 5:22 am
I felt about 75% healed at week 2 and 100% by week 3. 
1Haute Diva
on 4/3/12 5:42 am - Fort Stewart, GA
RNY on 03/20/12
I'm 2 weeks out today and feel pretty much normal besides a little rundown. I've been feeling "normal" for a few days now. I was off of the pain meds about 3 days post-op.
- Shaw
on 4/3/12 3:58 pm
Thank you for reply right after surgery.  You sound like you are doing well.  Congratulation, I will pray everything continues to go well for you.