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After surgery no perms but can I dye my hair?

on 4/12/12 1:49 pm
I am going so gray it is horrible. I am curious if the chemicals would be bad for my hair. They said I can't perm it but can I dye it? I don't want to be getting my skinny on and having a head full of gray hair popping out. Also the hair that falls out when it grows back in do you think it will all be gray? LOL I am so fearful of being gray at a young age....I am still young right? I just got my gray hair early!

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on 4/12/12 1:53 pm
You can perm it or dye it.
Curious why anyone would tell you you couldn't perm it.

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Go ahead and dye it. There are lots of quality products out there that won't do a number on your hair, and the color can swell the hair shaft and give a fuller appearance.

I got my gray hair early too, in an odd streak over my left eyebrow--and not the cool Bonnie Raitt king of thing either.  So yeah, I cover that up. I don't think it makes me look old--it just looks weird with my haircolor.
on 4/12/12 2:01 pm
They told me in the surgeons handbook that I can't for 6 months after surgery because of my hair falling out it wasn't recommended to do anything with a chemical to my hair. I asked my friend who is a hairdresser she said she won't perm or dye someone's hair until after 6 months of childbirth because of the hormones issue and your hair. So maybe it is something like that. She did say dying it will make it look fuller so I guess it is ok to dye it good thing!

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Lori P.
on 4/12/12 4:06 pm, edited 4/12/12 4:07 pm - Kenosha, WI
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I dye my hair every 6 weeks....I did not stop after my surgery.    I had hair loss but it was not related in any way to my hair dying.


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on 4/12/12 7:13 pm - Suffern, NY
I am sorry but I have to agree with your hairdresser.  After major surgery - we lose our hair for several reasons not all due to our nutrition - it is also due to the anestesia and the stress of surgery.  It is a big taxing on our system and some people do fine and others dont.  Dying and perming are putting chemical into your hair and on your scalp which is where the hair roots are and can affect future hair growth.  it is your body and your head but I would listen to your surgeon and hairdresser. 

I know I lost a ton of hair after some surgeries I had for compicatiosn after 2 years - I looked like I had cancer that is how much hair I lost and it was from the stress of the surgeries, the anestesia of 4 surgeries and excess weight loss.  I know how damaged even ther remaining hairs are.  I actually got a wig.  Now a year later, it growing back and pretty thick but not on the top - those folicles are just gone. Around the bottom they are thin and flyaway - you can still the remants of the old thin and lack of hair and I need to get it cut to even it out so it can look decent and like a semi thick head of hair.

But do yourself a favor, it you can stick it out and wait to gt it dyed and permed - i think it will be worth the wait and your hair will thank you


on 4/12/12 2:04 pm - West Chester, PA
 i definitely dyed it within 6 months of surgery....

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Kat Kat
on 4/12/12 2:20 pm - MD
I dyed mine, and had highlights, and low lights put in within 3 months of surgery without any issues. The process plumps up the hairs and I definitely needed that with my baby fine hair.


on 4/12/12 2:24 pm, edited 4/12/12 2:27 am - Baltimore, MD
You can perm your hair after surgery. Perming/dying has nothing to do with the digestive system.

ETA: I see your reply above about the falling out of the hair. Yes, I guess that would be an issue. But in the long term yes you can perm/dye.
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on 4/12/12 2:25 pm
you could use henna
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on 4/12/12 2:34 pm - waukesha, WI
I am 6 months out and have dyed my hair every 8 weeks.  First time, I was 2 weeks out.  No way am I going to get my skinny on and be gray.
on 4/12/12 2:56 pm - McKinney, TX
Revision on 03/21/12
I dyed my hair and got highlights/lowlights and I was only 2 weeks out.  Could not stand the grey hair :)
on 4/12/12 3:03 pm - MA
RNY on 02/07/12 with
I am 8 almost 9 weeks out and i dyed my hair 2 nights ago...
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on 4/12/12 3:12 pm
RNY on 01/30/12
I get my color done every 6 weeks or so. Like another poster, my first trip to the salon was 2 weeks post-op. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I notice more hair than usual in the shower drain but it seems like the same hair loss than most WLSers have.
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on 4/12/12 4:02 pm
And to think I'm actually looking forward to grey hair--this salt and pepper thing just isn't doing it for me !! My husband has BEAUTIFUL silver hair,my dad went grey when he was in his 20's as have my 2 brothers--wi**** would happen to me !! But then--I'm looking at 70 just around the corner so you "youngsters " probably don't look at it the way I do--lol.
on 4/12/12 4:27 pm
I am a cosmetologist and I know with my line (Paul Mitchell) it is safe to do both perming and coloring hair. Yes, the chemicals damage your hair whi*****reases the chances of hair loss. But as long as you use the right kind of perm that is the least damaging you should be fine. Dont use at home color if you choose to color tho..that stuff is sooo bad for your hair :) Good luck :)
on 4/12/12 4:36 pm
 coloring is fine.  go with darker colors as lighter colors can make your hair appear thinner...
on 4/12/12 5:00 pm - Bloomington, MN
 had my hair colored and highlighted after surgery-- never had any hair loss.  No way would I go 6 months without color!

on 4/12/12 5:17 pm
Thanks everyone I will keep up with the dying I don't perm my hair anymore I just blow it out and flat iron it if I want it straight these days. I was getting worried I would be 100% gray by the time 6 months was here!

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on 4/13/12 3:21 am
Hey Michelle,
What about using Henna, body art henna. I am allergic to hair dye so I have use henna, which is a plant base dye. is where I get mine from. Indigo for black hair which covers your grays and the grays will end up with a red tint. I hope this helps.