Aww Really! Stomach Polyps?!

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So I finally had my last pre-op test, which was an Endoscope, and the Gastroenterologist found polyps in my stomach, most likely from taking acid reducers for years.  He cut them out for biopsy, however he said that I should probably consider doing the VSG surgery instead of the RNY...  He said that I should talk to my surgeon about it.  I'm not sure yet whether my insurance covers the VSG, and not really excited about the pros/cons of it either compared to the RNY...  I'm just hoping this doesn't derail getting some type of WLS sooner than later!

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RNY on 04/04/12
I had those before my band 7 years ago , but did not have a recurrence before RNY  Gastro guys don't know everything !! talk to your doc doesn't mean they are going to come back .
I wish you luck !!!

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I also had polyps, caused by taking proton pump inhibitors for years.  My surgeon did my EGD.  He said that he quit biopsying them because he knows what they are and what causes them.  I wonder why the gastroenterologist would advise against the RNY.  I have a large hiatal hernia that is causing my GERD. It will be repaired during my RNY.  I am so happy that I will no long longer need to suffer from reflux.

You should definitely discuss this with your surgeon.  I wouldn't take the word of a gastroenterolgist, who is not a specialist on weight loss surgery, without speaking to your surgeon.

Good luck on your upcoming surgery!
on 4/14/12 2:36 am - VA
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Thank you both for your input!  I too have awful GERD and a Hiatal Hernia, just to name a few.  The funny thing about the Gastro Doc is that he is part of the Surgeons Group that I'm having my WLS with...hmmm.  Anyway, I'm pretty set on having RNY unless the WLS surgeon is dead against it.  The Gastro also mentioned that they would fix my hernia at the same time as the WLS.  I'm also looking forward to no GERD among other co-morbidity issues afterwards!

"My opinions are my own, and don't necessarily reflect a sound mind or good judgment!" 

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RNY on 05/16/12
 I have been on nexium for 2 years and my surgeon recommended against the VSG because there are more issues with GERD with the sleeve than the RNY. I don't think your GI doc understands the surgeries.
on 4/14/12 5:55 pm - Suffern, NY
they are actually a reason to have the RNY - after the RNY - you have the highest incidence of elimination of reflux and heartburn.  People with the band and sleeve have the highest incidence of having heartburn and reflux.  they need to take PPI for a much longer period of time and most likely forever.  RNY patients have to take PPI"s during the 6 months to a year and then usually dont have to take them after that.

I had those polyps years ago and they never reoccured.  They are not a reason to not have the RNY if that is the surgery you want.  If you have a history of reflux, you are best off with the RNY

I actually had surgery years ago to reverse my reflux but in order to have my RNY, I had to reverse the reflux surgery in order to have the RNY and I have not had any reflux since - I just take a PPI as a precaution but have no polyps on any endoscopies since


Wesley T.
on 8/1/14 12:09 pm - Canada

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Reading these replies have kept my spirit up! I was incredibly bummed when I had my Gastroscopy today... I have a Hernia (Hiatel)I think Dr. Wang told me while I was still dozy. And I have 5 polyps as to which he biopsied one or them all? He said it is being tested. I am sure like all of yours they will be fine!

I too want the best chance, most rapid avenue of weight loss with exercise and eating right. I want an RNY Operation. I am glad to hear the Hernia can be fixed, as well as the Polyps are a non-issue. 

on 8/1/14 12:21 pm

Wow me to. Im going thru the same thang.  But my doc is going to scope me again b4 rny surgery.  Rny surgury 9/3

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