How soon after you wake up do you eat breakfast?

Cheryl N.
on 4/14/12 1:24 pm, edited 4/14/12 1:24 pm - Des Moines, WA
I read somewhere that it is better to eat breakfast within half an hour or an hour after waking up to jumpstart your metabolism.

Since my bypass, I am just not hungry in the mornings I wake up at 5 15 am and start work at 630 am and I don't eat breakfast till 8 or so.  Just not hungry but I will drink and maybe eat a few peanuts.

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on 4/14/12 1:29 pm - Niagara Falls, NY
I am never hungry in the AM either , so I make a protein shake every morning and drink it on my way to work .. Thats my breakfast !!!  
on 4/14/12 5:45 pm
Hey me too!  It also jump starts my fluid intake for the day.
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on 4/14/12 1:33 pm - NJ

If I had my way, i wouldn't eat breakfast until about noon!  I have no appetite in the morning at all, so I make a protein shake and take my vit's with it. 


on 4/14/12 1:40 pm - Fort Collins, CO
Breakfast has always been my downfall.  I have always been a wrong time of day eater, eating noting until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, usually junk, then eating portions large enough for an the Green Giant right before bed.  I am trying now to make a habit of drinking a few sips even before I get out of bed in the morning and not allowing myself to leave the house before I eat.  I am going to try and eat something even if I don't feel hungry to keep on a good track. 

Before surgery, I had a blood sugar drop that I could feel (sick to my stomach) and it would last about 5 minutes then be done about an hour after I woke up.  Instead of eating, I just ignored it.  Stupid!  So I am working hard at listening to my signals and obeying them.  Eggface had something on her blog about understanding your soft cues and I am trying to learn mine.  Seems like mine is a deep breath.  The breakfast thing will be a struggle for me but I am hoping that by eating breakfast on a regular basis, I may become hungry in the morning for it.

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Lisa R.
on 4/14/12 1:43 pm - CA
 I get up at 5:20 am then hit the coffee at 7am, then eat at 930.  I am trying to get yogurt in by 730 but when you're a teacher it is impossible sometimes to stop for even a moment to eat. 

If you can't eat, drink.  Do protien coffee or a shake (yuck)  that might be helpful.  
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on 4/14/12 1:44 pm - Chicago, IL
What you're experiencing seems to be pretty common.

I'm not so sure that it's breakfast per se that needs to be consumed withing that 30- to 60-minutes within waking up that's so important as it is to take in some kind of nourishment...I'm still off on LOA for the coming week and I rise at about 7:00 am...take my Flintstone Chewables and am sucking down that first protein shake by 7:30 am...actually eating breakfast around 9.
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on 4/14/12 8:41 pm - TX
RNY on 02/16/12
Not to start a contraversy, but you do know the vets on here don't believe in Flinstone vitamins, right?  If you don't know, start a new blog and ask why not.  Then the vets can help you understand why Centrum Silver is better for you.             Thinking of your long term health..............
on 4/14/12 11:40 pm - Chicago, IL
Thank you for the heads-up!!

I reviewed a thread from '11 and I guess I'll be switching to the chewable multivitamin on the Bariatric Advantage website once I've used up my Flintstone's chewables...

Weight at Heaviest: 320 lbs. 
Weight at Surgery:
283.6 lbs.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion...

on 4/14/12 1:59 pm
I always grab a yogurt or protein bar within 5 minutes of waking.

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