How soon after you wake up do you eat breakfast?

Cheryl N.
on 4/14/12 8:24 pm, edited 4/14/12 8:24 pm - Des Moines, WA
I read somewhere that it is better to eat breakfast within half an hour or an hour after waking up to jumpstart your metabolism.

Since my bypass, I am just not hungry in the mornings I wake up at 5 15 am and start work at 630 am and I don't eat breakfast till 8 or so.  Just not hungry but I will drink and maybe eat a few peanuts.

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on 4/14/12 8:29 pm - Niagara Falls, NY
I am never hungry in the AM either , so I make a protein shake every morning and drink it on my way to work .. Thats my breakfast !!!  
on 4/15/12 12:45 am
Hey me too!  It also jump starts my fluid intake for the day.
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on 4/14/12 8:33 pm - NJ

If I had my way, i wouldn't eat breakfast until about noon!  I have no appetite in the morning at all, so I make a protein shake and take my vit's with it. 


on 4/14/12 8:40 pm - Fort Collins, CO
Breakfast has always been my downfall.  I have always been a wrong time of day eater, eating noting until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, usually junk, then eating portions large enough for an the Green Giant right before bed.  I am trying now to make a habit of drinking a few sips even before I get out of bed in the morning and not allowing myself to leave the house before I eat.  I am going to try and eat something even if I don't feel hungry to keep on a good track. 

Before surgery, I had a blood sugar drop that I could feel (sick to my stomach) and it would last about 5 minutes then be done about an hour after I woke up.  Instead of eating, I just ignored it.  Stupid!  So I am working hard at listening to my signals and obeying them.  Eggface had something on her blog about understanding your soft cues and I am trying to learn mine.  Seems like mine is a deep breath.  The breakfast thing will be a struggle for me but I am hoping that by eating breakfast on a regular basis, I may become hungry in the morning for it.

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Lisa R.
on 4/14/12 8:43 pm - CA
 I get up at 5:20 am then hit the coffee at 7am, then eat at 930.  I am trying to get yogurt in by 730 but when you're a teacher it is impossible sometimes to stop for even a moment to eat. 

If you can't eat, drink.  Do protien coffee or a shake (yuck)  that might be helpful.  
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on 4/14/12 8:44 pm - Chicago, IL
What you're experiencing seems to be pretty common.

I'm not so sure that it's breakfast per se that needs to be consumed withing that 30- to 60-minutes within waking up that's so important as it is to take in some kind of nourishment...I'm still off on LOA for the coming week and I rise at about 7:00 am...take my Flintstone Chewables and am sucking down that first protein shake by 7:30 am...actually eating breakfast around 9.
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on 4/15/12 3:41 am - TX
RNY on 02/16/12
Not to start a contraversy, but you do know the vets on here don't believe in Flinstone vitamins, right?  If you don't know, start a new blog and ask why not.  Then the vets can help you understand why Centrum Silver is better for you.             Thinking of your long term health..............
on 4/15/12 6:40 am - Chicago, IL
Thank you for the heads-up!!

I reviewed a thread from '11 and I guess I'll be switching to the chewable multivitamin on the Bariatric Advantage website once I've used up my Flintstone's chewables...

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on 4/14/12 8:59 pm
I always grab a yogurt or protein bar within 5 minutes of waking.

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on 4/14/12 9:27 pm
I have something, protein shake, Greek yogurt, a slice of cheese within an hour of getting out of bed. Likewise I also eat a little something within a hour of when I go to bed.
on 4/15/12 1:26 am - freeport, TX
I have a yogurt as soon as I get up. Sometimes if i'm late and need to be in the car and don't have time to eat a yogurt i get a bottle of kefir. Yakult is one brand. Then later I will eat a good breakfast. My sons (adults now) say I am the only person they know who eats two breakfasts, one lunch, then snack, then dinner, then second dinner or a dessert. That depends on if I want sweet of All in all it keeps my sugar levels pretty even thru the day.

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Lori P.
on 4/15/12 5:17 am - Kenosha, WI
RNY on 05/24/10 with
I know what is said about breakfast....but it does not hold true for me.

My truth is this....if I make myself eat something when I am not hungry (and in fact sometimes nauseated)....I WILL go over my daily calorie load.  If I follow my body cues and eat when I finally feel I need calroie count will be OK.   So I do what I know is best for me.

I have been getting up and drinking coffee with real cream in the AM...this is my one real indulgance!  Later in the morning....when I feel I need too...I ead a hard bolied egg or some greek yogurt.  I usually eat every two hours once I start eating.


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on 4/15/12 9:03 am - Rochester, NY
my nut says to eat within an hour of waking. i have my green smoothie/protein shake in the morning. i drink it on my way to work and for the first hour or so i'm at work.

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Mandy R.
on 4/15/12 2:40 pm - Callahan, FL
I also have a protein shake on the way to work.

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on 4/15/12 2:55 pm - FL
I have something within an hour of waking, preferably within 30min. Lately it has been a protein shake because I am addicted to the mint cookie. I always have a protein shake on early morning gym days. Slow days I fix breakfast.
Debbie A.
on 4/15/12 3:43 pm - Aurora, OH
RNY on 09/07/11 with
 I get up at 5:15 get dressed, then  at about 6:00 i make my protein shake for breakfast, my mid morning snack is usually a yogurt around 9:30 or 10.
Jennifer M.
on 4/15/12 5:00 pm - MN
RNY on 02/17/12 with
 Nine times out of ten, if I'm going to get sick from food, it's going to be in the morning.   Especially when I haven't had enough to drink.  Therefore, I won't eat until I drink at least 24 ounces of liquid.  Protein shakes make me sick, so what I do is:  Drink my liquids, and plan on eating three times during my workday--a snack about 10 am, lunch around 12:30 and another snack around 3:00 or so.  I drink between 20-24 ounces in between eating.  

When I get home, I try to eat something around 6 p.m., and if I can stand it, I'll have a final meal about 8:30 or so.  If I've done it right, I get about 60-70 grams of protein in a day.  

I do my vitamins in the morning, and now that I can tolerate swallowing pills (cut in half), that's going much better.  My next step is to incorporate calcium chews into my day, and to include an iron pill in my bedtime ritual.  

All of this is a compromise.   I wish I were one of those people who could eat first thing in the morning.  Tomorrow morning, I have an early meeting and I need to be at my best, so I'll probably get up early and try to eat something early--but not before I drink at least 20 ounces of liquid.  

Leisa L.
on 4/15/12 8:36 pm - long beach, CA
RNY on 03/19/12
Recently I have been rolling out of bed around 6:30-6:45am and get dressed, then I head out the door for a 30 min walk.  
When I get home I drink my protein shake and take my meds with that.  
I will eat again about 3 hrs later.  
I am only about a mo out, so this is all new to me.
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 4/15/12 9:02 pm - OH
I get up about 6:15, but usually don't have anything to eat or drin****il 7:30 or 8 at work (when I almost have SF hot chocolate with protein powder).


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