lose 40 pounds in 40 days?

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 Hi all! So, I have a surgeon now, he knows I will be approved by insurance company and will schedule surgery if i lose 30-40 pounds... I have severe pain problems due to degenerative joint disease, lymphedema, a slightly fractured femur, severe arthritis, and facet disease in my back.... so I want the surgery A.S.A.P bring a hundred pounds lighter than last year is pretty awesome I'm so motivated I want to do this. Because of other health conditions I'm not really able to work out SO my goal is to lose the 40 pounds in a month. I'm motivated and I want my life back!!! Does anyone have any suggestions on food? I'm going with half of a grilled chicken breast w a little garlic and half a cup of steamed vegetables and a bottle of water for every meal so far lol... i need variety  Also my primary care doctor just started me on fluid pills....  do you guys think this is a attainable goal to set for my self? Tips, recipes, moral support? all are welcome! I JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK.


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I'm sure you'll get some more responses pretty soon but I'll give my opinion.

I think it is great that you're motivated to meet your surgeon's expectations and it is possible that you could lose a lot of weight in a month; however, I think it will be incredibly difficult to lose that amount of weight in such a short time. By restricting your diet so much, your body is likely to put the brakes on and slow your metabolism way down in an effort to hang on to your stored fat/energy.

Did your doctor give you any guidelines to help you in posing the 30 to 40 pounds he is wanting you to lose before he schedules surgery?
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Michele is totally right--losing a pound a day is a pretty hefty goal. In order to lose weight in a healthy way; however, I would recommend the Adkins diet. That's what my nutritionist recommended.
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Even losing 40 pounds in a month AFTER surgery is relatively rare, so I'm afraid you are setting yourself up for disappointment.  Remember, to lose just a single pound you need about a 3500 calorie deficit... Which means you have to burn 3500 calories more than you eat.  Your body requires roughly 12 calories per pound for basic functioning.  So even someone who is 300 pounds would only burn 3600 calories per day and that would mean you could only eat 100 calories in order to achieve that 3500 calorie deficit.  If you eat too few calories, your body drops your metabolism to try to use every calorie you DO give it, and so the weight loss slows down or stops.  With not being able to do any significant exercise, the numbers just aren't there to lose so much so fast.

Two months would be much more realistic.

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While I agree with the others, you might lose some weight from the "fluid pills" you mentioned; if you are retaining water that could help for sure. You'd be surprised how much water weight some people can retain...anyway, just make some changes and see what happens that's all you can do. It might take a couple of months to reach the surgeon's goal but that's better than never ever reaching it right?
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I couldn't do it.  I am happy that you will have a surgery to work towards.  Concentrate on protein and leaving the sugar, fat and junk food behind.  I have some of your same health issues so am unable to do aerobic type exercise thus I lose wt slower.  But slow and steady works for me.  My suggestion with summer is to eat salads topped with meat.   Use the spritzer type dressing so you don't get calories.  Leave off the fattening things on the salad and concentrate on a variety of veggies.  All the protein will help you when you have surgery .

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 I hate to jump on the band wagon and crush your hopes to lose 40lbs but physically it is pratically impossibly and extremely unhealthy and unsafe.  If you eat less then 1100-1200 calories a day your body automatically puts its self in starvation mode and you will not lose any weight. 

LIke stated about you need to burn 3500 calories for 1 pd of fat.  

When I needed to lose 5% of my weight I ate 1200 calories and worked out 4 days a week. I averaged about 3 lbs a week.  I was burning about 400-600 calories at the gym.  

Here are some keys my nutritionist gave me that will help you lose weight. Maybe not as fast as you wish but it will help. 

Drink water...you need water and after surgery it's VERY important. 64 oz. 
Stay away from sugar, foods high in carbs, junk food, fast food etc. 
I'm not a cook so I liked to eat Lean Cuisine - but I only bought the one's that were 250 calories or less for lunch and no more then 350 for dinner.  
She also suggested adding a serving of veggies to each meal.  Make sure to actually follow the serving size. 

I also keep a food journal online and via an app through my phone.  It's important to put EVERYTHING you eat in this. WHY? Because you have to hold yourself accountable.  If you see that you went over 1200 calories every day that week then you know why you didn't lose any weight.  

It's hard work...but if you stick to it you will be successful.  

I'm currently Pre-op and on a 4 week Atkins diet - Low carbs (No more then 30 a day)  - I have lost 4 pds already in a week and half and that's without the gym.  Just a heads up though if you decide to go with this type of diet versus the one I stated above your body will probably have a reaction at first.  The first 3 days I was very nauseated and didn't feel very well as my body adjusted.  I'm great now..oh and watch your sodium! hahaha 

Hope this helps!