malabsorption after RNY

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Just in case anyone has any questions about how malabsorption works after RNY.

There are these little tiny things in your small intestine called villi.  They are like fingers that grab up calories and absorb them.  When they bypass part of the small intestine, suddenly there are fewer villi in there to suck up the calories.

However, your body quickly figures that out and it is afraid it's gonna starve.  So your small intestine starts to grow more villi in the part that has not been bypassed.  After two or three years, you have about the same number you had before surgery so you absorb about the same amount of calories again.

It's pretty cool if you think about it.

However.  We continue to malabsorb vitamins because only certain spots in the small intestine absorb each one of those.  That never goes away because some of those spots are bypassed forever.  Your intestine cannot grow new ones.

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Interesting! Thanks!
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Pretty cool in that this body we have been given is an amazing thing.

Not so cool in that I wish I still malabsorbed calories at 4 years out!!

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 Thanks Kelly!  Great explanation, I have been wondering about how it works.
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 Thank very interesting information.

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