3.5 weeks post op weight loss stopped rny

on 4/29/12 8:30 am - Moira, NY
Hi Friends im 3.5 weeks post op and am doing fairly well. My surgery was 4/4/12 rny . My weight loss has stopped im sure this is normal. How long before i start losing again.
on 4/29/12 8:37 am - OH
I'm quite sure your weight loss has not stopped less than four weeks post op.  However, you won't lose weight every day or every week.  That's just the way weight loss works.

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A. C
on 4/29/12 8:44 am
can't tell you when, but you will - hang in there
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on 4/29/12 9:48 am
I staled at the same time as you and it lasted maybe a week, week and a half, but losing again. everyones different but its normal to stall here and there..youll start again! :)
on 4/29/12 11:03 am
I'm 4 years out ----  lost 181 pounds.  Some weeks I lost 5 pounds some weeks i stayed the same.   Stick to your diet.  Make sure you start excersizing when you can and things will take care of themselves.  Stay active!!  walk walk walk!!
on 4/29/12 8:01 pm
I had my first stall 3 weeks post op. 

on 4/29/12 10:00 pm
RNY on 04/10/12
I didnt lose much from week 2 post-op to week 3.5. So i went about 10 days with no loss! I was frustrated and scared that my body was just refusing to let go of the weight. But YAY! I'm back to seeing the scale move in little increments in the right direction. A lot of postings on here mention a three week stall and mentioned that as our bodies recover from the systemic shock of surgery and the changes that we are forcing upon it, sometimes the scale wont budge! I am relieved I seem to be adjusting finally!
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on 4/30/12 12:00 am
RNY on 01/10/12
 Apparently it's VERY common to have a stall at 3 weeks post-op.  I didn't lose weight for 10 days at that point.  It's frustrating, but your body is catching up and it will start coming off again.  I promise.  Cross my heart.

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