PCOS after RNY... can we talk?

on 4/30/12 10:31 pm
I was curious to know how or if  your PCOS changed after having RNY?  I'm talking fertility, hair, acne, the whole shebang.

I've never had to worry about birth control until this point and now I'm terrified to have my husband come near me.  We are DONE (DONE!) having children and I would hate for an oops to happen when I'm 45.  I'm working on my husband to get a V because I don't want to chance anything.

Thanks for your feedback!
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on 4/30/12 10:54 pm - NY
I was diagnosed when I was 19 after gaining 60 plus pounds due to the insulin resistance. I was infertile, no periods ever. I had excess hair growth on my face etc 4 days after surgery i had my first natural period and have had one regularly since then. blood work has confirmed i am ovulating! Mo more hair growth, and best of all i lost 124 lbs!! RNY was my PCOS solution. Yes it was drastic, but i am a woman again. Any questions feel free to message me!
on 4/30/12 10:59 pm - MI
RNY on 05/09/12
Thank you so much for posting this topic.  I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after getting married in 2002.  My life has been SO affected by PCOS.  I don't have periods on my own, anymore.  I have excessive hair growth.  I'm so glad to hear some positives RNY has on this disease.  Yay!
on 5/1/12 12:04 am - OR
I hate PCOS....

My PCOS after RNY is much better. I do have regular periods, hair growth has slowed down, completely off metformin (never took it again after getting home from the surgery). Blood sugars back in the normal range etc. I didn't really have any problems with acne so I can't speak there.

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Sara O.
on 5/1/12 12:34 am - NC
RNY on 03/12/12 with
My PCOS is part of the reason I had RNY. My doctor told me I would probably only have children in the future if I had the surgery and lost the weight. I'm only 7 weeks out, but I see a huge difference. My hair stopped coming out(like in the shower) and thanks to bc pills my acne is under control and slowly fading. I used to have terrible stomach pains after certain meals and that is gone, which is fantastic. I won't know about fertility until I try, but I don't intend to try for another 5-10 years, so sorry I have no answer for that one.
on 5/1/12 12:42 am - Fairbanks, AK
I quit taking the pill a month before surgery per my doctor.  I was one of those "lucky" girls that got my period the morning I went in for my surgery.  Now, my period is as regular as night and day!  Without the pill I have NEVER been that regular!  I never had a bad acne problem with my PCOS.  If you are done making babies then absolutely use birth control.  My husband had the V and although he was willing, I stll haven't heard the end of it!  Lol!  But not having to worry about pregnancy is a benefit!
on 5/1/12 3:43 am - IN
RNY with
 I have PCOS and haven't had a real period in years unless I took probers to start one. I am down 58 pounds from surgery and I still haven't had a period. I'm definitely going to ask my surgeon when I might see a sign of one. Anyone else ever experience that? I hate PCOS. 
Sara O.
on 5/1/12 4:03 am - NC
RNY on 03/12/12 with
I've never gone years w/o a period, but i've gone 6-10 months at a time w/o one. that's why my doc put me on birth control pills. now i have a more regular period. are you taking birth control?
on 5/1/12 4:01 am
PCOS is the reason I had my weightloss surgery...I failed at so many attempts to lose it on my own. Now since surgery I have only had to take provera once to bring on my period...I still try to stay away from processed carbs and gluten, because unhealthy "carbs" are not the best for women suffering from PCOS...I had my hormones checked about a month after surgery and they were still out of whack, but I want to get them re-checked when I hit the six month mark which will be in June... I want to have another child soooo bad I am hoping with the weightloss and lifestyle changes that it happens for me...

Good Luck to you....

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