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on 5/6/12 4:38 pm
RNY on 06/06/12
 Just a question for you all, and obviously I'll let my surgeon know:), does anyone else have a sensitivity to adhesives?   I had to get a cyst removed a year ago and found that I could not use anything but paper tape or I'd get itchy and sore welts where the adhesive section of the bandage had been.  The reason I ask is that I see a lot of people on here talk about steri-strips on incisions and I worry, 1, will it slow down healing when I start getting the welts, or 2, is there anything else as effective they would use?
on 5/6/12 6:19 pm - GA
RNY on 05/11/12
Same issue when I had my daughter. I thought I would get welts and itch because they took the tape off to fast. Apparently its a latex allergy.

Might check into it. I stay away from anything latex now and its listed in every medical chart I have. I havent had a problem since.

Best of luck!

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RNY on 05/22/12
Yes I am super sensitive to adhesive.
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RNY on 02/21/12 with
I went in warning everyone about severe adhesive allergy. They used glue to close my incisions and I reacted horribly. My recovery was much more difficult due to the reaction. It was horrible. They could not remove the glue and I just had to wait it out using Benedryl and a prescription cream. I would really discuss these issues I wish they had just sewn me up the old fashioned way or used staples. Good luck to you.

Mary B.
on 5/7/12 1:43 am - Southern, MD
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I have a problem with it as well. Seems to only be on my torso. I get giant blisters under the tape. I mentioned I had a problem when I had my revision done so they used whatever they use in that case. I just know it was a giant clear square. I ended up with a huge blister at my biggest incision area from the 'safe' tape (my biggest incision is right between my ribs) and a couple little blisters on the others. 

I noticed my gown was wet. The blister had burst and the tape had come loose. When they came to replace it, I said I was allergic. The nurse said, yes, this is the sensitive tape...I said thats what I had.... Ended up just leaving it open and clean.

I was too afraid to try any other tape on my stomach at home.

Again, seems to only be on my torso area.

I had the steri strips when I had my first surgery (band) and they didnt bother my skin. They just took FOREVER to come off. Stayed on past 2 weeks! I even kept putting alcohol and lotion on them. They were attached very well.  
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on 5/7/12 1:55 am - Belleville, IL
I didn't until AFTER my RNY surgery! From what I hear a lot of people get adhesive sensitivity.

The Tape and Benedryl ointment are your friends *smile* :)
(To help with any bumps/redness/etc)

on 5/7/12 5:42 am
RNY on 06/06/12
 Thanks all!   I'll just hope for the best and dissolvable stitches.   Lol
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