18 month lab results....Help Kelly

on 5/9/12 7:18 am - NC

Vitamin D   74.2
Iron              64mcg/dl
Folate          >20.o ng/ml  
Cholesterol   109 total
Triglyceride   39
HDL                60
LDL                 41
VLDL              8 mg/dl
Sodium         142
Potassium     3.9
Chloride        109
CO2, total     31
Anion Gap     2.0
Glucose        77
Creatinine    0.50
Calcium        8.3
Calcium corrected   8.7
Protein, total     6.2
Albumin, serum    3.6
Bilirubin, total     0.4
Alkaline Phosphatase   52 iunits
AST                      37 iunits
ALT                       76 iunits
Vitamin B12      >2000 pcg/ml
Prealbumin            17 mg

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
on 5/9/12 7:27 am - Ashland, KY
 I don't know about the others but your protein is low and your potassium is on the low end of normal.  I would say everything else looked fine but i'm not a doctor.   
H.A.L.A B.
on 5/9/12 8:03 am
There a few issues:
Cholesterol 109 total - that is really low.  How are you?  High cholesterol - not good, low - is also not good...  I had to start eating more carbs . carbs increase triglycerides that increases cholesterol.  We need some cholesterol. Do you have RH? how are hormones level? depression?  All of those can be affected by low Cholesterol. Best cholesterol 150-200...
You need more butter, eggs, bacon.

Protein, total 6.2
Albumin, serum 3.6
That is low - you body may turn to proteins in muscles. You may need to increase the proteins.

Vitamin B12 >2000 pcg/ml Not sure how much B12 you taking... also - what B12 you are taking and did you take it - before the test? same day - day before? 2 days before?
Since B12 is water soluble - it may show in your blood stream as you took it the day off and the day earlier.
How was your standard CBC profile? Your MCV may indicate your real B12 level (large MCV close to 100 - shows deficiency even with high B12 blood level).

Glucose 77 - show beginning of low BS - watch for that.... RH anyone?

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on 5/9/12 10:19 am - NC
I never realized that low cholesterol was a bad thing....What exactly is RH and it's symptoms?  I don't know about hormone levels but depression is something I've fought for a few years, seems okay now.

The Dr told me my protein wa low but I'm having a lot of trouble getting it in without being able to drink protein shakes.  They cause me abdominal pain, don't know why , going to see a gastroenterologist about it.

I take 2500mcg of B12 every day...how much should I take?

No ferritin level, but my iron is up from 46 at last lab, so that's an improvement. 

Glucose, I sometimes get lightheaded , could be when I don't eat often enough.

Thanks for the help.
on 5/9/12 9:11 am - OH
You need protein.  Ideally your protein level would be at least 7.0 and your albumin at least 4.0.

Your vitamin D is just a tad low - it needs to be at least 80.  But I wouldn't be worried about it where it is now.  Just take a little bit more than you've been taking.

You can cut back on the B12 some.

The other stuff listed here looks OK.  You might wanna up the iron a bit.  Did they get a ferritin level?  Your iron isn't really low now but it could be higher.

Are these all the labs you got done?  No thiamin, vitamin A, zinc, copper, PTH?

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