Life expectancy post-gastric bypass???

Laura in Texas
on 5/18/12 3:28 am
I know I am most likely going to live longer now that I am a healthy weight compared to what I would have if I were still obese, but how does our life expectancy compare to other people our own age who have NOT had weight loss surgery??

This article was interesting...


Laura in Texas

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on 5/18/12 3:45 am
 Very interesting article. Thank you for sharing. :D
on 5/18/12 3:47 am
It is interesting, the article relates to information back in early 2001 mostly.  I definitely think my life span could be longer since WLS, especially since my comorbidities are in remission.  Even if I don't make it to "old age" 80ish the years I've been given to enjoy because of WLS are well worth it.

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on 5/18/12 4:04 am
 I really don't think about it-- I figure when your time is up your time is up-- so just enjoy the life you have now, but it was a interesting article-- and since I have lost 185 pounds, I am loving life :)
on 5/18/12 4:06 am - Fargo, ND
RNY on 02/22/12
Exactly! This is exactly what I told my husband. If something happens, then it is meant to be, everything happens for a reason. I plan on living my life to the best of my abilities & when it is time to go, then so be it.

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on 5/18/12 4:02 am - Fargo, ND
RNY on 02/22/12
My husband read this with me & said if he had read this before I had, had the surgery I wouldn't of gotten it. Not that he can make decisions for me, as I probably still would of gone through with it. It is very informative. Wished there was a more recent study tho.

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on 5/18/12 4:10 am

It would be interesting to see some statistics that were a bit more recent. It seems that with more and more surgeries going on a long term study should be done.

I am fairly certain that the quality of my life would not have been great had I not lost weight. I was already on 2 meds for high blood pressure, 2 meds for high cholesterol, and was on the road to diabetes. All of these diseases shave years off ones life. So for me even if my life expectancy isn't as long as a person who hasn't had WLS surgery, the quality of my life now far makes up for it!


on 5/18/12 4:12 am
RNY on 09/05/12
Wow, that gives me alot to think about..... I am supposed to have my RNY on Sept 5th.... and will begin doing some more research on long term results.....   


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on 5/18/12 4:16 am
I think that for some people, wls comes too late.  For example, vascular issues sometimes don't resolve and the individual has to continue to use compression stocking even when they lose the weight.  We're a risky population to begin with - and sometimes, the damage is already done.

I don't regret it for a moment - and hope that it prolongs my life.

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on 5/18/12 4:23 am - Grand Prairie, TX
I must echo the sentiment that quality of life is more important to me than length of life - and I definitely have an improvement since losing the weight!

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