A bit OT - Post surgery my hair is very dry and frizzy.

on 5/27/12 10:09 am - Parkton, MD
Ever since my surgery my hair is completely dried out and frizzy.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what products to use to help this?  Before surgery my hair tended to be oily and I washed it pretty much every day. Now I'm washing it about every 3-4 days, using Dove Ultra Mosturizing shampoo.  I still get very frizzy - it was never frizzy before. I don't do anything with my hair either - no hair dryer or curling or anything. What do others use?
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on 5/27/12 10:15 am
I have had problems with frizz, all my life...
best thing I have found is to use a leave in conditioner and DONT TOUCH IT!!

the thing that will make it frizz right away is to stroke it, bru**** or play with it at all!

good luck!
on 5/27/12 10:30 am
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My hair is dry and frizzy too since surgery. I also wa**** less, especially when it started to fall out. I use products for frizzy hair and a hot iron to style. Both do take the frizz out, but it makes my hair look so limp. I hope it doesn't stay this way. I get in 80-100 gms protein and take biotin daily, so I open for suggestions too.

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on 5/27/12 10:35 am - Parkton, MD
Cute kitty BTW - I'm a cat person too
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on 5/27/12 11:44 am
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Thanks, me too.
Oxford Comma Hag
on 5/27/12 10:42 am
I'm the queen of frizz, so I have tons of suggestions. But first, some questions: How long is your hair? How do you have it cut? How do you like to wear it?  Is it color treated?
on 5/27/12 10:51 am - Parkton, MD
I cut my hair to just below my shoulders - the stylist said she put in long layers - but it's not that many layers.  I don't have any bangs.  My hair IS color treated - I have some grays coming through that I want to cover. My hair is a ash blond/light brown.  I normally just let it air dry and put it in a pony tail.  It does dry with some curls in it but as soon as I bru**** - all the 'curls' (more like waves) just frizz up.
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on 5/27/12 10:58 am - OR
RNY on 05/15/12
I would recommend Wen conditioning shampoo. I've heard there's a generic brand at Sally's beauty supply.
Oxford Comma Hag
on 5/27/12 11:02 am
Okay, got it. So my first suggestion is to rinse your hair every day with lukewarm water, even if you don'****hen apply a bit of light conditioner and rinse it out. Then try blotting and squeezing the water out with a t shirt instead of a towel. This helps to keep your hair shaft from getting roughed up.

After that, detangle it with a wide toothed comb and use a spray leave in conditioner. Keep it away from your roots so they don't get greasy. Then do your best to not touch your hair. As another poster said, it will cause more frizz.

Frizz happens due to lack of moisture, so try a deep conditioner once a week. If you don't want to buy one, you can always mash an avocado with a little honey and slather it on and then rinse it out after 20 or so minutes. Try to use lukewarm instead of ho****er to keep your hair shaft smooth.

Since you have lighter hair, you can also try a rinse with chamomile tea (brew and cool) for extra shine. You might also want to try a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates can be very drying to your hair.
on 5/27/12 11:09 am - Parkton, MD
Any suggestions on specific products?
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