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Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, and Healthy Choice frozen meals

on 5/31/12 5:54 am - NJ
RNY on 03/15/12 with
Does anyone on this board eat the diet frozen meals.  I was in the Supermarket yesterday and lazy so I bought a couple o fthe Lean Cuisine steamer packs.  The carbs are on the high side (over 30 grams) in a 9 oz package but the calories and protein seemed ok.  I had to search hard though since most of the meals included some kind of pasta or rice.  I was able to get one where it was meat, veggies, and potatoes.
Kay L.
on 5/31/12 6:07 am - N., AL
RNY on 06/26/06 with
I eat them on occasion like when I don't have any leftovers to take to work and know I won't be able to get out to get lunch that day. I try my best to buy the ones with the highest amount of protein and lowest carbs. You can also skip at least part of the pasta, rice, potato portion and not eat all of the gravy, if there is any. The biggest issue I have with them is the sodium. Sometimes they make my feet/ankles swell especially now since it's so hot.
Monisha M.
on 5/31/12 6:49 am - CA
RNY on 07/11/12
I'm still pre-op so I have them now so I try to lose a few pounds before surgery, but once surgery comes I plan on pre-cooking all my meals for the week and freezing them and grab and go. Much healthier and I can control what's in my meal and what I'm eating.
Laura in Texas
on 5/31/12 6:51 am - Cypress, TX
I eat one everyday for lunch during the work week. Usually pizza.

on 5/31/12 7:12 am - NJ
RNY on 03/15/12 with
which pizza one do you get?  I avoided the pizza figuring the bread had too many carbs.  I loved Pizza pre op and may want to try it out.
Laura in Texas
on 5/31/12 8:14 am - Cypress, TX
I love the Weigh****chers Smart Ones pizza the best. One tray of the cheese pizza minis are the perfect size for me.

Christine G.
on 5/31/12 6:51 am - MA
I get sick wehn I eat these. I think it is the "processed" foods that really get to me...I even skipped eating the starches and still was in pain and throwing up for an hour after. But everyone is different! Good Luck
on 5/31/12 6:52 am - burlington, VT
i actually LOVE them and my NUT loves them for me because i stick a scoop of protein powder in them non flavored kind :) and for me its okay. i always get the ones with veggies, potatoes steak tips is my favorite :) 
on 5/31/12 7:06 am - Midlothian, TX
I don't care for them.  The carbs and sodium are often high, and I think they don't taste very good at all.  I usually have to add salt to them.

If it's the convenience factor that you are looking for - I often have my hubby grill up some extra steak or chicken and just portion that up for meals all week.  Steak salad, chicken and black beans, all kinds of delicious options for lower carbs and sodium and higher protein.

I do keep a stock of frozen black bean burgers, fish or meatballs for those days when I'm just not feeling it or don't have enough leftovers to last.
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(deactivated member)
on 5/31/12 7:08 am - Romulus, MI
RNY on 04/25/12
I have tried these and I am 6 weeks post op. These are not very tasty to me and I will not purcahse them again. I will prepare my own meals.
Brittany M.
on 5/31/12 7:30 am
I eat one for lunch most weekdays.  I tend to like the Lean Cuisine brand the best, and stock up when they're on sale.  I always look for the higher protein varieties, and don't worry too much about the carbs.  I tend to stick to protein & veggies at dinner.
Laura in Texas
on 5/31/12 7:33 am - Cypress, TX
Glad I am not alone!!

Larry Wassmann
on 5/31/12 7:45 am - Lacey, WA
RNY on 05/09/12

I am in the Puree stage and use them so that I can have some variation on what I eat at dinner. I get the ones that do not have a lot of pasta in them. I just take the main part the meat and puree that and eat it. It looks like cat food but does not taste that bad. Don't think I will want one again for a long time after 4 weeks of having one each evening. They are high in salt and some of the meat is what I call mystery meat, but helped me get beyond the puree stage. Real food starts next week. Yaaaaaah

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on 5/31/12 7:49 am - Doha, Qatar
I do have them on occassion.  I like the turkey with green beans. 
on 5/31/12 7:58 am - PA
RNY on 01/03/12
 I eat these for lunches during the week.  I buy whichever is on sale either Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones.  My rule of thumb with them is to get ones that have a net carb amount the same or lower then the protein.  I too avoid the pasta ones...every now and then I get the rice ones and have a few bites of the rice.  Pasta doesn't sit well with me anymore!  

I think they are a good solution if you are a busy person and want something that is pre-portioned and you don't have to put too much thought into it.  :)  
on 5/31/12 8:22 am - NY
RNY on 02/28/12
I have a Lean Cuisine at least a few times a week. I stock up (like today) when they are on sale for 5/$10! My favorite is Steak Tips Portabello... steak tips & steamed broccoli. Delicious!
on 5/31/12 8:44 am - philadlephia, PA
I too stock up when they are on a good sale and use them for those go to lunches. i keep them in the freezer at work. I dont particularly like the rice or pasta texture so i eat very little of that part of it, usually less than half. They are not gourmet flavorful but its a quick meal. i like the sun dried tomato chicken steamable. everything in moderation, and this choice is a much better choice than the corned beef special w/ extra dressing and chips i used to eat!
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on 5/31/12 8:50 am
 I do smart ones for lunch almost every weekday.

I aim for high protein, and in the 7 WW points range or lower.
Frances S.
on 5/31/12 9:02 am - Crystal Falls, MI
 I usually always have some available in my freezer.  At 2+ years out they are either just right or even still a little too much food.  I like the lean cuisines the best.. they have a lot that are actually pretty tasty.. glazed chicken, turkey tenderloins, etc.  I have a couple of "spa" variety in my freezer now that I haven't tried, but they have whole grain pasta in them so I wanted to give them a shot.  I try to find ones that have at least 18-25 grams of protein.
on 5/31/12 9:13 am - Baltimore, MD
Pre-op I ate a lot of them for lunches at the favorites are the Healthy Choice "Cafe Steamers" least I think that's what they were called. 

Haven't had one since my operation (5 weeks out), but fully intend to go back to them as a convenient, reasonably healthy lunch at the office option, saving my home cooked meals and leftovers for dinners!   I always liked the vaguely asian ones or the balsamic vinegar pasta ones  best before....General Tso's chicken, sesame chicken, balsamic chicken and pasta, etc.  They have vegetables and rice or pasta....guess I'll have to see how they go down with my newly redesigned pouch.

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