can people with celiac have bypass?

Cheryl N.
on 6/5/12 1:35 am - Des Moines, WA
I"m just wondering.

I know someone who has celiac and wants to lose weight, but claims doctor said she can't do bypass bec of celiac and recommended lapband (cringing)
Kim S.
on 6/5/12 1:40 am - Helena, AL
That would be a decision only that person and their medical team could make....maybe there is someone here with celiac that has had some form of WLS.........??
on 6/5/12 1:44 am - NC
I know of at least one person on here who is gluten free. I would think the limited grains in our diet would make this a good choice for someone with celiac.


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on 6/5/12 1:58 am - IA
I have a friend with celiac disease and she is just waiting on insurance approval for her bypass.  Her doctor thought it would help. 
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Kim H.
on 6/5/12 2:31 am - VA
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I think it would depend but the chronic inflammation from celiac might make healing an issue and might also make malnutrition more severe. I would imagine that if the celiac was tightly controlled that a doctor might be willing to do surgery but it really would be patient specific since some people have more severe forms of the disease than others. It might warrant a second opinion but make sure the doctor is aware of the extent of the celiac disease to make a good decision. I'm wishing them luck...
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H.A.L.A B.
on 6/5/12 2:52 am
She may be a perfect candidate for a VSG,,, - sleeve

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on 6/5/12 5:46 am
RNY on 02/24/12
Four years ago when I started researching WLS I contacted the Chron's foundation and they had no baseline study on WLS and IBD.  They suggested going with the lapband rather than RNY.  The band had to be removed at 3 yrs and because of my experience with it, I did not want a 2nd banding.  My surgeon has practiced way over 30 yrs and does internal surgery in addition to WLS.  He assured me that I would be fine with RNY so I trusted him and thus far have been fine.    I feel much better eating small meals and the type of food works well for my disease.  My fear was that I already have malabsorption with this auto immune disease.  Chron's actually causes holes in the intestinal wall and requires resections in higher stages.  For some reason it almost always re-diseases at the resectioned ends so I was fearful of being cut.  However, WLS put mine in remission.  This is not an issue with Celiac and Celiac requires not eating gluton which would be a good fit with WLS.  I'd get a 2nd and 3rd opinion knowing obesity is a health issue.  I only know one person having WLS with Celiac and they are like me in that they feel much better eating small meals and cutting out certain foods entirely from the diet.

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