Coupon codes for unjury protien powder

on 6/11/12 9:13 am - NY
Anyone know of or have a coupon codes for unjury protien powder...need to get some and a girl loves a good discount!
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Sandy S.
on 6/11/12 10:16 am - MD
RNY on 05/07/12
The only thing that I am aware of is the auto ship discount.  If you put in an order and have it shipped automatically every month or every other month it's a 15% discount I believe.
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on 9/21/17 1:31 pm


Thanks for the tip! I had just ordered 6 canisters to avoid shipping costs. You can set up auto ship for 1, 2 or 3 months. They gave me the discount after the fact. With one scoop a day, 6 canisters every three months is perfect. No shipping and 15% off! Thanks!

Jennifer D.
on 6/11/12 10:23 am - Wareham, MA
RNY on 06/15/12
 It is 15% and you can alter/cancel at any time!

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on 1/2/16 7:33 pm - dalton, GA

have you tried the unflavored , having my surgery soon and I can't drink the protein drinks I was hoping I could find some with no taste and mix it with my favorite milk or coffee.. Thanks


on 1/3/16 6:44 am, edited 1/2/16 10:45 pm - Indianapolis, IN
RNY on 12/04/15

Although not much, Unjury unflavored Powder does slightly change the flavor.  My best method has been using only a half scoop at a time in chicken broth and flavored coffee.  Be not add the powder to hot beverages/items as it will badly clump.  Instead, disolve it in cold, cool, or lukewarm items then heat the item to the desired temp.

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