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Hypothyroidism and Gastric bypass

on 6/22/12 5:14 pm
Adjustable Gastric Band on 08/20/06
 Anyone here hyperthyroid and got the gastric bypass? How has your weight loss journey been?
Dagne Tripplehorn
on 6/22/12 5:17 pm - OR
RNY on 04/06/12
 I'm neither, but am interested. The topic heading says hypothyroidism and your question says hyperthyroid. Are you asking about both?

I would swear I'm hypo, but the labs say no.
on 6/22/12 5:29 pm
Adjustable Gastric Band on 08/20/06
 Sport meant to ask if any one is HYPOthyroid and has the RNY surgery. Sorry for the confusion.
Queen Koosa
on 6/22/12 5:38 pm
I'm Hypothyroid, got below goal and have not had any problem staying there.

Tai M.
on 6/22/12 6:35 pm
 I am hypo thyroid and my weight loss is extremely slow. 1/2 lb a weel sometimes less.
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 6/22/12 6:06 pm - OH
Yes, the are MANY people here who are hypothyroid. Along as you take your medication, and get your labs checked regularly to make sure the dose stays correct, it will not adversely effect your weight loss at all.


 7 years out and maintaining 190 pounds lost!  

“You don't drown by falling in the water.  You drown by staying there.”


on 6/22/12 6:07 pm
 I'm hypothyroid and have RNY.  I'm a little under 3 months out, but I've lost about 50 lbs. and haven't had any complications or problems.  
on 6/22/12 6:39 pm - AZ
RNY on 04/23/12
 I have hypothyroidism. I was really worried about this with the RNY but so far so good. I think I was 247 on surgery day? Anyhow I am down to 200 now.  You just need to keep your blood levels checked to make sure your medication is correct. I get my labs drawn next week. And my doc will see if I need a change yet.
on 6/22/12 7:18 pm - Chicago, IL
RNY on 05/07/12 with
I to have hypothriodism and i have had no problem losing weight. I am 6 weeks out and have lose 45 pounds.
on 6/22/12 7:24 pm
Adjustable Gastric Band on 08/20/06
 Thank you all for your responses!
on 6/22/12 7:38 pm - NC
RNY on 11/29/11 with
Hypo (Hashimoto's) and losing fine.  Slowly, but fine.  I am 7mo out and am 22lb from goal.  I am still having problems with Synthroid regulation, but that is nothing new.  I take 200mcg 5 days a week and 175mcg 2 days a week.  I am hoping that one day my dosing will go down, but not yet.  I have a follow up appt with my endo next week and I am crossing my fingers.
on 6/23/12 9:28 am
I am hypothyroid.  My journey has been a roller coaster.  For the first 4 months my labs showed I was getting too much sythroid and was becoming hypothyroid.  My endo decreased my synthroid.  I started out at 250MCG and by 5 months out my synthroid was down to 125 MCG.  I moved at this time and now only see a PCP.  At 5 months my labs showed that I was taking too little sythroid and my PCP has been increasing my synthroid slowly.  I am now 14 months out from RNY.  My thyroid has yet to have normal levels.  The last  time it was checked my TSH was 16.  This time my Dr. added a new medicine.  I have felt a huge difference since then and hope my new labs show a more normal tsh level. 

My weight loss has been slow, but it is still going down.  I am bmi is now normal.  I want to lose about 5 more pounds so I have room to play with.  I would suggest you have your Dr. check your thyroid levels every 3 months.  Follow all the rules for taking your meds.  It can be challenging as you  can't take them with calcium or iron.  I wake up at 3 am to take mine. 
on 6/23/12 10:29 am
Adjustable Gastric Band on 08/20/06
 What other medicine are you taking with the Synthyroid?
on 6/23/12 7:01 pm
on 6/25/12 1:19 am - Suffern, NY
did I read that right, you last TSH was   16??? or 1.6???    why are you no longer seeing an Endocrinologist?  If you are at 16 and I hope that is a misprint, you need to get to an ENDO and yestarday - that is dangerous.

It is very common to have problems with thyroid levels postop - I also have had my levels vary like 7 times in the past 3 1/2 years.  I am on both synthroid and cytomel = the cytomel helps me a great deal.  it is really important to keep your levels within a good range preferable as close to 1.0 as possible but no higher than 3.0.

PCP's just arent as trained as treating thyroid problems especially after RNY's and the problems of malabsorbtion.  Endo's know exactly what labs to do - mine does my RNY labs as well and she does my DEXA scan and my thyroid sonograms as well.  these are all essential

do youself a favor, get an endo at your new place - you will feel better


on 6/25/12 6:22 am
Thank you.  Unfortunately, I see a military PCP.  It is very hard to get a referral for an Endocrinologist.  Apparently he is in contact with an Endo.  He also said if my labs were not better this next time he would write me a referral.  It is better than it was before.  At one point my TSH was 30. 

Was is a DEXA scan? 
on 6/25/12 11:56 am, edited 6/25/12 12:27 pm - Suffern, NY

A DEXA scan is bone density scan that we are supposed to get to make sure we dont get osteoporosis. We are at high risk for this due to our malabsorbtion and anyone on long term synthroid is at higher risk and with your numbers makes it even more important.

I am sorry that you got stuck in the military doctor trap, it really irritates me when I read stories like this. THere is medical help out there for us but so many people just dont have access to it and for you just because either your or a spouse are in the military is discusting.

What I am wondering, didn't he seem to notice that there was a problem when you hit 30? the normal range is .3 to 3.0 = that makes you 10 times the normal range and yes you are better now but still over 5 times the normal range. He is definitely not trained to treat this and just talking to an Endo for some help is no where near the same as you going to see one yourself where you can explain your history and discuss things. I am sorry but this stuff really gets me upset. I had about 10 years of lousy medical care until I Finally got some really care and it shouldnt happen.

Now that I re=read your other posts which I hadn't realized were yours = I am now off my rampamge - why did your Endocrinologist drop you from 250mcg to 125mcg in a matter of 5months?? I think that is your problem. You cant drop synthroid that fast. You are supposed to go down 50mcg at a time, some of the levels are even 25mcg. But to go down 125mcg is insane. Also, when you make a dose change, you have to give them a chance. I have heard of alot of people go down on there levels only to go back up - once a thyroid gland is shot or even worn out, it doesnt just revitalize - it is for life. SO, to suddenly cut your dose in half and it was a very large dose - shocked your system. I think yours is the highest TSH I have ever seen, I didnt even know they could go that high.

Now, maybe I can help you. There are alot of things that we can do on our own to try to help our thyroid levels that many people dont know and unfortunatly many doctors either dont know or dont tell us. First off - you cant take any iron or calcium within 2 to 4 hours of your thyroid medication, this includes your multi vitamin. For you with such high levels, I would definitely recommend 4 hours.

then, you want to avoid soy when ever possible, it has something to do with blocking the absorbtion of thyroid medication.

Try to get your selenium checked = you should be getting it anyway but if deficient, you will have a hard time absorbing your synthroid.

Have you ever had a sonogram of your thyroid to check for any nodules? anyone with levels this high or anyone with levels this high should know if they have any nodules. I had 4 years ago and now have 2. Once I got undercontrol, the synthroid helped get rid of them.

I do hope you can get all this straightened out. I think if you continue at a dose that is good for you - but you need to figure out what that is, you will continue to improve but you need to do it quickly before it affects other things.

Try your best to get a referral. I dont know if there are other avenues you can persue to plead your case.

good luck


on 6/23/12 9:42 am
I am going for the surgery in July. I have a thyroid condition. I am planning on getting blood work done monthly after surgery verses every three months. To be proactive with ensuring that I am taking the correct dose of medication. Thanks everyone for there posts.
on 6/23/12 2:13 pm - GA
RNY on 04/19/12
I am hypo taking 212mcg a day and 5mcg of cytomel in the middle of the day.  I had a thyroidectomy (prolly spelled wrong) in 2009.    I had surgery on April 19th and have lost 55 lbs.  My endo requires being checked every two months while im losing, will be checked on Tuesday.