Premier Protein shakes

Jess B.
on 6/26/12 12:14 pm - IA
 Are these any good? I know they have alot more protein then the Special K ones that I am currently drinking. I have read great reviews about them. Here is what I know 30g Protein, 160 calories, 1g sugar and 3g fat. Any input would be great.
Dagne Tripplehorn
on 6/26/12 12:34 pm - OR
RNY on 04/06/12
 I love 'em. I drink one nearly every day. When I'm tired of chocolate or the not quite as good vanilla, I add some sugar free syrup. Most days I mix a cup of coffee with one, add some caramel or English toffee syrup, and enjoy as an iced latte.
on 6/26/12 12:39 pm
 They are pretty perfect for us -- it's a taste thing -- depends if you like them.  I'd like the choc mixed with ice and a drop of peppermint.
on 6/26/12 12:57 pm
 I drank these for my pre-op liquid diet and initially after surgery! Don't drink protein shakes anymore though but if I had to or was traveling where I needed a quick healthy protein fix these would be it! Chocolate flavor is pretty good and I like the consistency! You can buy them at Sam's Club or Costco :)
on 6/26/12 12:58 pm - MN
RNY on 06/21/12
I just got done with my liquid diet and, out of the ones I was allowed to choose from, I liked the Atkins Advantage ones best, expecially the mocha latte ones. I'm on clear liquids now (just 6 days post op) and am looking forward to having one again!


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on 6/26/12 2:26 pm - WA
RNY on 05/21/12 with
 Oh I drink these daily!  I do the Premier Protein in Chocolate.  I have yet to try vanilla - cause sometimes vanilla isn't the greatest.  

I might try the coffee with one though....yum! 

These are SUPER easy to carry around and taste good to me at least. Not to sweet and go down smoothly.  Plus just the right size for little pouchy! 


on 6/26/12 2:28 pm - Citrus Heights, CA
RNY on 04/04/12
I love em and get them at Sam's and Costco

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on 6/26/12 3:55 pm - NC
RNY on 11/21/11 with
I love them! I drink one sometimes two a day. I think they taste like a yoohoo. I have to recheck my Costco to see if the sell them.Last time I was there they didn't carry them so for the past few months I have been borrowing my works Sam's club card to buy them!
Brandy Stevenfield
on 6/26/12 6:35 pm - Citrus Springs, FL
I get these at Sams. I havent had surgery yet but I like them as a meal replacement. Could you get the vanilla and mix it with ice and strawberries and make a smoothie?
on 6/26/12 6:45 pm - OR
YES! I used to buy the vanilla specifically for fruit smothies, add in strawberries, blueberries, peaches, whatever. They make great smoothies.
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on 6/26/12 6:44 pm - OR
They are the only ones I will actually buy. The chocolate is okay and drinkable, I used to love the vanilla with some ice and fruit in a blender for a smoothie in the summer. Yummy. Unfortunately our costco no longer sells the vanilla one and we don't have sams. I'll have to see if I can find them somewhere else.
Ht. 5'2  HW 234/GW 150/LW 128/CW 132 
Size 18/20 to a size 4 in 9 months!

on 6/26/12 7:10 pm - CA
RNY on 06/11/12
I like them. They are great as you can grab one to take on the go. They are good for me to take to work for lunch. I used them on my pre surgery liquid diet stage and now I still drink them as I'm still on the liquid stage since surgery.  I get them at Costco and wish they would sell the Strawberry ones as well but they don't  



on 6/27/12 7:49 am - Canada
I discovered them a few months ago after swearing off the many protein powders.  I got sick of the protein powders for shakes to the point of gagging at the thought of them.  I went through quite a few.  The premier shakes are great and to me taste like a thicker chocolate milk.  They have been a life saver.  Our Costco sells only the chocolate and I have one a day.  Pricey but worth it in my eyes!


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