protein/fat/carb ratios in maintenance?

on 7/21/12 11:14 pm - Canada
 I know that the dieticians at my bariatric centre recommend a 40 protein/30 carb/30 fat ratio for your daily intake during the weight loss phase.  But I don't remember hearing anything about eating during maintenance.   Does this hold true as you go into maintenance and increase your calories?   How much is too much protein in terms of putting a strain on the kidneys?   I've just raised my calories to 1200 because I don't want to lose anymore weight and that would have me eating 120g of protein per day.  Is that too much?

Thanks for the advice!  
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on 7/21/12 11:25 pm - OH
I still eat about the same 40/30/30 ratio (although I try to keep the protein closer to 50) that I was eating when I was losing.  I am maintaining at 5 years out.  I have not seen any evidence that just 120g of protein per day is anywhere near high enough to cause kidney problems.  I will say, though, that when i occasionally track my food intake for a few days just to be sure I am still " on track", it shows that I eat about 1400-1500 calories per day, am around that protein/fat/carb ratio, but I only eat 80-90g of protein per day... so different food choices can still maintain that ratio but with less protein in even more than 1200 calories.  On days when I have protein snacks other than my typical almonds, full fat cheese, or Greek yogurt, the calories are still about 1400 but the ratio changes to about 50/25/25.


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Larry Wassmann
on 7/21/12 11:30 pm - Lacey, WA
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My manual says 70 percent protein and to eat it first, then 30 percent of anything else if I want. I only get 500-600 calories a day and can only take in about 2.5oz of solid food. A little more maybe 4oz of things like cottage cheese. But then again I am a long long way from maintenance and my NUT may change that along the way. RNY 5/9/12  

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 7/21/12 11:54 pm - OH
Yeah, I would expect your NUT would drop the protein percentage once you are able to eat a larger volume of food and are taking in more calories...    If someone is eating just 1600 calories a day (lower than a lot of people, especially men, eat in maintenance) and 70% of that is protein, that would be over 1100 calories in protein alone, and if the protein is primarily low calorie things like poultry, fish, etc. that would be 160g of protein per day!


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

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on 7/22/12 12:11 am - Germantown, MD
 That sounds reasonable to me. My NUT recommends at 1200cal/day, we eat at least 80g protein, under 80g carbs and under 50g fat, but when one is eating 1400 cal/day for maintenece, the levels change to 80g protein, 130g carbs, and 60g fat. I pretty much stay under the carbs limit but often eat quite a bit more protein than 80g/day. 

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H.A.L.A B.
on 7/22/12 12:34 am

What ever works.  I don't think there is one answer for all. For all of us it is trial and error. It will depend on a person, their weight, body shape and level of activity. Also - appetite,,

I can eat more calories but only when I do low carb.  And not all carbs are equal. Some will help me lose weight (like green veggies) while the same carbs from crackers - may cause weight gain.  
I don't exercise much - and I can maintain eating 6-7 times a day on a low carb (< 50-60) and high proteins diet.  
And that may change as we get older and farther from WLS.  

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Pam T.
on 7/22/12 1:37 am - Saginaw, MI
 I keep the same ratio as I have since the beginning. I'm closing in on 5 years post-op and still shoot for 40% protein - 30-35% carbs - 25-30% fat.  I typically get over 100g protein per day from food (rarly do supplements unless I'm being lazy) and eat around 1200-1400 calories.

No, 120g protein is not too much.

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on 7/22/12 1:48 am - Around Knoxville, TN
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on 7/22/12 1:56 am - Around Knoxville, TN
Isn't it awful that I never really look at ratios. Just grams overall... Protein in maint at least 75-80 but it usually ends up around 90.

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on 7/22/12 2:02 am - West Chester, PA
 i'm the same way. my dietician never mentioned anything about ratios either, but i guess if you're watching the grams and calories it ends up where it should anyway

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