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 I know everyone is very different, but I was just wondering what size you started and where you are now. I guess it's a better visual than pounds to me? Like, I'm a 26 right now and pretty tall, close to 5'10". I know this surgery will never make me a 0 (and I don't want it to! Lol). But in time would I be a 6 maybe? Even before the skin surgery? 

Again, I know everyone is different. But I just wanna hear other people's results over the months/years. :)
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well i was size 18/20 when i started  and im 5'4 and im size 12 now im really comforable where im at
now i have lost 70 pounds and im 8 months out
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I had surgery on March 26th, 2012. My weight the day of surgery was 325 and I was wearing a size 24 jeans.  I have lost 95 pounds and am wearing a size 18.  I personally think a size 6 would be way too small for someone our height.  I am shooting for a size 12/14.  My 16 year old daughter is 5'7 and wears a size 6 and she is small.  I can't imagine wearing anything smaller than maybe 11. 

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Guido point. I just reeeeeeaaaalllly wanna be out of plus sizes one day. But for now, I'd love to be out of the 20s! 
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Because you are SO tall, the experience of probably 80% of the people here will not be at all relevant to you because your body structure is so different.  

FWIW, though, I started at a size 28 and 332 pounds.  For the last 3+ years (it took me 20 months to lose all the weight) I have been maintaining at a weight of 147-150 and wearing mostly
 10s or 12s (with the occasional size 14 top because I still have DDD-cup boobs).  

ot everyone gets to single digit sizes.  Not everyone has a bone structure or other body characteristics to permit that (e.g., large breasts, thick waist, wide hip bones) and not everyone loses 100% of their excess weight.  


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

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My starting weight was 315 lbs wearing a size 26 jean & 3-4x tops. 5 1/2 months post of now & down 79.5 lbs & weighing 235.5 wearing size 20 jeans & 2x tops although they are starting to get baggy on me now. I am 5' 7" Hope that helps a little.

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Starting:  22w-24w/1x - 3x
5 mos post op: 16w

I am 5'6" and was a size 0 my freshman year of high school and a size 3 after college.   After  giving birth to my 3 children, I finally got to a size 5.   I slowly gained wt after after tearing up my feet and knees.  At 160 in size 12 and less, I looked and felt great so that is my personal goal for my highest wt.    I am unable to do the type of exercise that I once did so I don't know what will happen.

Best of luck on your own journey for a healthier you.

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My goal:                     160  reached Dec 1, 2012
Today :                       145-150

I am half the person I was in 2008.

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I am currently 8 wks out and I have lost 56 lbs (40 since surgery). Im loosing my weight right from the top half of me body although my waist is shrinking a bt. I was wearing a tight 26-28 in pants and a 26-28  top...I am pretty straight up and down...not much in the curve dept. except my boobs. I went to Wally world the other day amd saw2 tops that were really cute and they were on clearance, now here's the catch-they were 22-24 so I tried them on and they fit!!!! not tightly for the heck of it I tried on a 24 in pants...they fit in the waist but were still a bit tight on the tummy, I have always been heavy in the tummy. I now know i have lost weight even if my mind doesnt tell me I am, the scale is going downbut my mind isnt catching up. I hope this helps a bit.
Tammy H.
on 7/27/12 8:18 pm - Greenville, OH
I was 440 pounds before surgery...Am 5'3...Ive lost 200 pounds...I started out wearing size 32/ 6X...I now wear a size 20/22...Depending on how its made...My bra was a 58 DD, and now I am a 40 D, but can wear some C's.

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 I have a friend with a Lapland who is your same height, and she lost 200 lbs and is now a size 4 after a tummy tuck. I'm 5'9", and at 200 lbs I would be a size 14 because I carry my weight and extra skin on my belly. (I'm not now that size, but I got down there once!)

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