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Clothing after bypass

on 7/27/12 10:25 pm - Reisterstown, MD
RNY on 07/31/12 with
 I know everyone is very different, but I was just wondering what size you started and where you are now. I guess it's a better visual than pounds to me? Like, I'm a 26 right now and pretty tall, close to 5'10". I know this surgery will never make me a 0 (and I don't want it to! Lol). But in time would I be a 6 maybe? Even before the skin surgery? 

Again, I know everyone is different. But I just wanna hear other people's results over the months/years. :)
on 7/27/12 10:33 pm - Garden Grove, CA
well i was size 18/20 when i started  and im 5'4 and im size 12 now im really comforable where im at
now i have lost 70 pounds and im 8 months out
on 7/27/12 10:35 pm
RNY on 03/26/12 with
I had surgery on March 26th, 2012. My weight the day of surgery was 325 and I was wearing a size 24 jeans.  I have lost 95 pounds and am wearing a size 18.  I personally think a size 6 would be way too small for someone our height.  I am shooting for a size 12/14.  My 16 year old daughter is 5'7 and wears a size 6 and she is small.  I can't imagine wearing anything smaller than maybe 11. 

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on 7/27/12 10:36 pm - Reisterstown, MD
RNY on 07/31/12 with
Guido point. I just reeeeeeaaaalllly wanna be out of plus sizes one day. But for now, I'd love to be out of the 20s! 
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 7/27/12 11:32 pm - OH
Because you are SO tall, the experience of probably 80% of the people here will not be at all relevant to you because your body structure is so different.  

FWIW, though, I started at a size 28 and 332 pounds.  For the last 3+ years (it took me 20 months to lose all the weight) I have been maintaining at a weight of 147-150 and wearing mostly
 10s or 12s (with the occasional size 14 top because I still have DDD-cup boobs).  

ot everyone gets to single digit sizes.  Not everyone has a bone structure or other body characteristics to permit that (e.g., large breasts, thick waist, wide hip bones) and not everyone loses 100% of their excess weight.  


 7 years out and maintaining 190 pounds lost!  

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on 7/28/12 12:48 am - Fargo, ND
RNY on 02/22/12
My starting weight was 315 lbs wearing a size 26 jean & 3-4x tops. 5 1/2 months post of now & down 79.5 lbs & weighing 235.5 wearing size 20 jeans & 2x tops although they are starting to get baggy on me now. I am 5' 7" Hope that helps a little.

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on 7/28/12 1:28 am
RNY on 02/24/12
Starting:  22w-24w/1x - 3x
5 mos post op: 16w

I am 5'6" and was a size 0 my freshman year of high school and a size 3 after college.   After  giving birth to my 3 children, I finally got to a size 5.   I slowly gained wt after after tearing up my feet and knees.  At 160 in size 12 and less, I looked and felt great so that is my personal goal for my highest wt.    I am unable to do the type of exercise that I once did so I don't know what will happen.

Best of luck on your own journey for a healthier you.

Banded  Oct 2008:  290       
RNY Feb 2012:        245    
Dr's set goal:            170 reached Oct 11, 2012
My goal:                     160  reached Dec 1, 2012
Today :                       145-150

I am half the person I was in 2008.

on 7/28/12 3:14 am - apple valley, MN
I am currently 8 wks out and I have lost 56 lbs (40 since surgery). Im loosing my weight right from the top half of me body although my waist is shrinking a bt. I was wearing a tight 26-28 in pants and a 26-28  top...I am pretty straight up and down...not much in the curve dept. except my boobs. I went to Wally world the other day amd saw2 tops that were really cute and they were on clearance, now here's the catch-they were 22-24 so I tried them on and they fit!!!! not tightly for the heck of it I tried on a 24 in pants...they fit in the waist but were still a bit tight on the tummy, I have always been heavy in the tummy. I now know i have lost weight even if my mind doesnt tell me I am, the scale is going downbut my mind isnt catching up. I hope this helps a bit.
Tammy H.
on 7/28/12 3:18 am - Greenville, OH
I was 440 pounds before surgery...Am 5'3...Ive lost 200 pounds...I started out wearing size 32/ 6X...I now wear a size 20/22...Depending on how its made...My bra was a 58 DD, and now I am a 40 D, but can wear some C's.

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on 7/28/12 5:37 am
 I have a friend with a Lapland who is your same height, and she lost 200 lbs and is now a size 4 after a tummy tuck. I'm 5'9", and at 200 lbs I would be a size 14 because I carry my weight and extra skin on my belly. (I'm not now that size, but I got down there once!)

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on 7/28/12 6:10 am
I'm 5 foot 10.5 and started out at just over 300 pounds. I'm 214 now and my goal is 185 to 190. I started out at a size 24 and am now a size 16. I will probably get down to a 14 and would be thrilled with that. In my opinion a size 6 would be too small for someone as tall as you and I. At my thinnest ever of 145, I was a size 10 and everyone said I looked skeletal. But each person's body is different as far as bone structure goes.

Its best if we focus on our  health and the positives of losing weight rather than an arbitrary size or scale number. I am so happy with my decision to have WLS and would be fine with myself if I stopped losing right now. I'm not probably going to stop yet but I like how i look enough to be fine with this.

Best of luck to you!
on 7/28/12 6:24 am - FL
Surgery 9-7-11, starting weight 321, size 26-28.  I am 5'10",  I have lost 133 lbs and am in a size 14.  I still would like to loose another 20 lbs, that would put me in a 10 or 12.  I am happy now.
on 7/28/12 9:01 am
Started 229, 5'3" size 18 pants 2x pants. Now 168.5, size 10 jeans medium tops.
on 7/28/12 9:07 am - Baltimore, MD
I don't know that I can tell what size I am now!   I have size 20s that still fit snugly and at least one size 14 that fits...seems it depends a lot on both how the clothes are cut and when they were made and by what manufacturer!

But before surgery (late April) I was a clear 270 lbs, 5'4.5" ...and a 24/3X in most brands (Coldwater Creek, Jones NY, Calvin Klein,) and what new things I've bought are 18s  with some 16s.    I'm down to 210.   My dream goal is 150 lbs  which I think would put me in  a 12, maybe some   10s (I always have and always will have too much junk in my trunk).   But honestly, if I got to a 14 and stayed there, I'd be ecstatic.  Of course, i'm 59 and long past the stage where I'm looking to be a gorgeous babe!

I just want to look decent and be healthy.

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on 7/28/12 9:12 am - Reisterstown, MD
RNY on 07/31/12 with
 Thanks for all your input, guys! It's just easier to picture a pants size than a weight. The last time I saw 200, I was 12 and about 5'6"! I guess I never realized how small a 6 or so would be on me and I'm pretty sure I don't want to look that malnourished. Lol. But I really really wanna be able to go to target and see a cute top or pair of pants and KNOW I can find my size. I'd even want to know I can walk into Hollister and buy clothes (not that I ever would, but knowing I could would be great). Granted the size doesnt matter as much as my health, but I know I'll be doing an feeling fantastic by the time I'm in the teen sizes. 
cor p99
on 7/28/12 3:02 pm
RNY on 11/15/10 with
My starting/ pre-op weight was about 257, size 20W. 21 months later, I'm now 148 lbs and a size 6.
cor p99
on 7/28/12 3:10 pm
RNY on 11/15/10 with
Forgot to mention.....I'm 5ft 6inches. Best of luck to you!