Pureed Diet Recipes?

on 7/31/12 6:15 am
RNY on 07/17/12
Hi everyone!

I started the puree portion of my diet and I was wondering if anyone has any good receipes to share?  I went to the grocery store and stocked up on beans of all kinds since it is something that I like and know that they are a good source of protein.  What I'm having trouble with is meat.  I just cannot puree my meat.  It turns my stomach to even look at it.   And on top of that I don't like eggs, so those are off of my list as well.  Anyone have any suggestions?


Neen L.
on 7/31/12 6:33 am - Arlington, VA

I couldn't do pureed meat either, so for me it was a lot of plain yogurt, SF pudding, beans with melted cheese, and ricotta cheese. I'd usually season the ricotta with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. Yummy!

Pureed cauliflower mixed with some roasted garlic and some yogurt, sour cream, or cream cheese is really great for getting over potato cravings.

My dad also made me some great homemade light cream soups. Roasted mushroom was my favorite, but I also really enjoyed this creamy cauliflower, garlic and leek soup. It is completely smooth: http://neensnotes.com/2008/09/25/warm-and-wonderful/

I lived off of stracciatella during the pureed food phase. It's eggs and parmesan cheese beaten and then then whisked into boiling chicken broth. It's not like eating straight up eggs, so you might like it even if you aren't an egg lover.

Good luck!

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on 7/31/12 6:40 am - WI
 I've pretty much done yogurt with freshed pereed straw. protein drinks, i mix mine up usually a different way everytime so i don't get sick of it..  Have you found you cannot get all your liquids/pereed foods in?  I'm having so much problem and can hardly ge****er down too... If you should have info on that it would be great
Cheryl N.
on 7/31/12 7:06 am - Des Moines, WA
I loved some mashed potatoes, canned chicken breast, and a little chicken or brown gravy, and puree it all together.. really delish! 

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on 7/31/12 7:45 am - Norcross, GA
 I'm also on purée portion and been doing hearty soups in my magic bullet. It's so much better then liquids.
on 7/31/12 8:05 am - Epping, NH
RNY on 08/14/12
 Somewhere I was reading, someone said they bake ricotta cheese mixed with Italian seasoning, covered with a little marinara sauce and low fat mozzarella on top. I'm looking forward to my puréed phase just so I can try it.
on 7/31/12 9:06 am - OH
I don't eat any meat.  On the pureed diet, I ate Greek yogurt, refried beans with taco sauce and shredded cheddar cheese, ricotta cheese with spaghetti sauce and grated parmesan, unsweetened applesauce and mashed potatoes.

If you like chili, you might want to try pureeing that.  That might be less icky than something like pureed chicken or meatloaf, you know?

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on 8/4/14 12:22 pm
Revision on 07/29/14

My husband  has offered to make me a pot of his awesome mild chili beans.   I can't wait



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