OT An honest opinion on a new look, please!

on 8/1/12 7:34 am - NC
I have always used my hair as a shield from people, it was the only thing that anyone commented on when I was fat...oh you have such beautiful hair! I heard that so much.  Well as you know after surgery it started falling out and I decided to cut if off...a year later I hadn't had many cuts and it was growing out...hubby likes it longer but I just seem to associate it with my former fat self, so today I got a new haircut...shortest I've ever had.  What do you think?  Hubby isn't home yet so he hasn't seen it and I'm a nervous wreck over it.




on 8/1/12 7:40 am - Sacramento, CA
I absolutely love the after look!!! It's fabulous!

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H.A.L.A B.
on 8/1/12 7:41 am, edited 8/1/12 7:42 am
I love them both. 
The short is sassy. If DH wont like it - show him a couch...

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on 8/1/12 7:44 am - Baltimore, MD
Short! Love how it accentuates those collar bones!

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on 8/1/12 7:46 am - Joppa, MD

Oh the husbands and their love of the longer hair. Mine's the same. They don't have to style it is what I say.

I think it looks great on you! Not just saying that, I promise.  Very pretty. Are you wearing contacts or did you just take off your glasses because it is really bringing out your eyes too. 


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on 8/1/12 7:47 am - waukesha, WI
Cute!  Stylish and modern! 
on 8/1/12 7:47 am
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 The before,,,,but I am a man but I agree that they are both beautiful 
on 8/1/12 7:49 am - NC
Thanks for the opinions.  The more I look at it the more I like it. As for my glasses I just took them off, haven't been able to wear contacts in years...I feel sassy too!
Paul C.
on 8/1/12 7:50 am - Cumming, GA
 Also a guy opinion but for me the longer the better.  I loved it when. My wife had hair down to her ass.  So I like the first pic more both look great though.
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on 8/1/12 7:56 am - Rochester, NY
i'm in the same situation, i cut mine off a few months after surgery for similar reasons. i think you look great!

i will be growing mine out again, hubby likes it longer and so does my daughter lol. but sometimes you just need a change

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