Sugar dropping

on 8/3/12 7:48 am - Atlanta, GA
I am a year out and from time to time I start to feel really dizzy. I could have just eaten and my sugar will drop instantly. Does this happen to anyone else. Also I know it's going to sound strange but for the last month every morning when i wake my left ring finger is swollen and hurting. When it first happened I thought maybe I just slept on my hand wrong but now it's starting to worry me. I also know these are questions I should be asking a doctor but unfortunatley I lost my job in April and don't have health insurance. if there are any nurses or doctors on here that can help me please do.
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on 8/3/12 8:41 am - OH
It happens right after you eat?  Have you tested your blood sugar?  Do you know for sure that's what's happening?  I don't know what would make your sugar drop right after you eat.

I have no idea what might be making your finger swell, either.  The two may not be related.  But it sounds like you need to see a doctor.  Most cities have clinics where they bill on a sliding scale, so your fee would be based on your income. 

If you are a year out, it's time to get labs done, anyway.  Who were you going to have order those for you?

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on 8/4/12 11:10 am - Atlanta, GA
No I have not been to a doctor to have my blood sugar tested, however my parents are both diabetics and I have tested myself with their machine. It drop down to like the upper 50's lower 60's. It just happend randomly throughout the day. I found a women's clinic on yesterday that I can go to but can't until september. The last time I had my levels checked were from my pcp and everything was fine. The only definecy I had was my viatimin d levels. And my white blood cells were low but she said that happends to everyone from time to time.  
I got my scheduled surgery date. 7-21-2011                     
Mike R.
on 8/3/12 10:22 am - Warner Robins, GA

Not a doctor or nurse and don't play one on TV...

Low blood sugar:  As Kelly asked have you tested your blood glucose level?  You didn't say whether you are diabetic (whether in remission or not post-op)?  What are you eating?  Are you dumping as well?  Simple carbs can cause hypoglycemia and/or dumping.

Swelling:  Do you have high BP?  Pre-op and/or post-op?  Still on meds?  Diruetic BP meds are usually stopped post-op to help prevent dehydration which may mean you have some swelling at times.  Any discoloration of your ring finger?  Do you wear a ring while sleeping?

If your blood glucose is normal, the swelling and dizziness could be related.  Do you feel dizzy when you stand up from eating?  What is your resting heart rate & BP?  Too many questions and too many possibilities.

My experience:

I am type 2 diabetic in remission since my surgery but will become hypoglycemic if I eat too many simple carbs.  I don't dump though.

I also have high BP.  Post-op my Lasix was discontinued.  My resting heart rate dropped as my weight & high BP did.  I became dizzy when standing too quickly.  Last fall my resting HR was 38 and I was diagnosed with Bifascicular block in my heart conductive system.  I was born this way but since I've been obese my entire life I've had an elevated BP which masked the condition.  My BP med was cut in half which raised my resting heart rate without raising my BP.   I will occasionally get swelling in my hands & feet especially if I've eaten too much sodium.

Bottom line:  as Kelly recommended you need to find a no cost/low cost clinic and have this checked out by the professionals.  Good luck!

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on 8/4/12 11:14 am - Atlanta, GA
From what I know im not a diabetic. I have had some problems with dehydration. I passed out about a month ago and the doctor said I was dehydrated and malnurished. I have a some kind of condition were my blood pressure drops and I become dizzy if I stand to quickly but that is it. I am on no medicatin for anything. I just found it really strange that my finger began to swell every night about a month ago.
I got my scheduled surgery date. 7-21-2011