1500 Cal diet BEFORE RNY?!?!

on 8/10/12 10:20 pm - Troy, PA
Hi Everyone! 
I'm new to OH and just wanted to write a topic on having to do a 1500 Calorie diet and also follow a walking schedule before surgery. I've met with the doctor then the fitness specialist then the psych. and then the dietician. I was wanting to have surgery in September but now having to do a 1500 cal diet and go back for my second visit's on Sept 5th I don't think I'll be having surgery in Sept. :( Major Boo hoo since our first anniversary is in Oct, and then the holidays... Eeek.

How long does it take for insurance to approve you?...

Has anyone else had to be on this diet and walking schedule?...

I do have sleep apnea and have been faithful with wearing my mask at night..

Suggestions?... :) Thanks! 
on 8/10/12 10:29 pm - Morris, IL
RNY on 06/04/12
Is the diet your doctor's requirement or your insurance requirement? Some Insurances require a 3mo others a 6 mo supervised diet prior to approval

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on 8/10/12 10:35 pm - Troy, PA
I'm not really sure.... I think part of it is the doctor's requirement.. I had a terrible time at remembering to eat before being on this diet. I would often get ''too busy to eat'' and forget to eat.. Sometimes only eating one meal a day... It could be a insurance requirement, I'm not sure... :/ I pray it won't be a 6 month time frame, my goodness that is a long time to wait for approval on surgery! :(

Thanks for the info. :) 
on 8/10/12 10:40 pm
I had a lower calorie diet during all my appointments pre-op, them had a 2 week liquid diet before surgery. My surgeon wanted my liver to shrink, so the surgery would be safer, and also to weed out any patients that weren't going to give 100%. Personally, I thought the pre-op diets were much harder, because you're doing all the hard work without having a small pouch.
on 8/10/12 10:57 pm - New York, NY
RNY on 05/16/12
 Mine was a 1000 calorie diet 3 weeks prior to surgery. It was exactly for the reason Juleskar states.  Most of us have fatty livers from being overweight on top of livers full of glycogen which has water attached to it, and to do the RNY surgery laproscopically the liver has to be lifted and manipulated out of the way for them to get to the intestines and stomach. If the liver is too large, then they may have to go ahead and convert to an open incision surgery which takes a lot longer to recover from.   It is well worth your while to be sure to follow the VLC diet prior to the surgery.  Now, that being said, my 1000 calorie diet did not start until I had a surgery date.  My doc wanted a 30 pound weight loss from me prior to surgery, which at that time was 10% of my body weight.  15 was to be done and then the surgery scheduled for about 3 weeks out and then he wanted the other 15 by the day of surgery.  I lost the 15 and then was able to lose 11 more before the day of surgery.    In the mean time of the first 15 my surgeons office got the approval from my insurance so it was the docs requirement rather than theirs because I had the approval before I had lost the first 15.   Good luck! It does suck but just keep in mind that you really want the laproscopic rather than a huge incision and the pain that goes with that.  


on 8/11/12 2:06 am - Troy, PA
Oh you are so right! - I agree 100% !! - It makes perfect sense now as to why I am on this cardiac diet, secondly it makes it easier for me to keep doing what I'm doing. I must say i've been really good at following it faithfully and will continue to do so.

Thanks for all of the info everyone! - You've been great :) 
on 8/11/12 6:15 am
RNY on 09/05/12
Hi, I have been on the 1500 cal diet since March. My ins and my surgeon required it... I have lost 21  lbs and have learned so much... my surg is sched for 9/5 and they will submit my packet for approval on 8/22 after my final appt at the surgeon's office.  It is important to follow and start learning a new way to relate to food.....  I am in PA too..... Near Pittsburgh, where are You ?


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on 8/12/12 7:56 pm - Troy, PA

I haven't really minded being on the diet. I just look at it as a new phase of my life before I have surgery. :) Eating healthy is so important and starting now is even better!! I'm in NE PA - more towards the PA & NY border. Bradford County. :)  Thank you for your advice. :) I appreciate it.

Princess Brandy
on 8/11/12 6:18 am - PA
 We had to diet, exercise,mlog everything and insurance required 6 months. 
        http://poundsago.blogspot.com/.  My daughters weightloss blog, would love if you all support her in her journey. 
on 8/12/12 7:56 pm - Troy, PA
I'll look into it! :) Congrat's to her and her new journey. I wish her well! 
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