Just need some encouragement and a hug or two

on 8/14/12 11:27 pm - CO
I am one week post-op from a total knee replacement (TKR).  I had a scope done in December and the surgeon said that I was missing 85% of the cartilege and nothing left of my meniscus.  He went in during that surgery and cleaned up what he could and made notes on what he would do if we decided on a replacement. 

I tried the Synvisc and the Euflex injections with little change.  I even tried acupuncture and massage therapy to help with the pain.  I started taking Nucynta shortly after my gastric bypass last June due to the pain I was having.  I kept hope that if I lost enough weight, the pain in my knee would be reduced.  Well, after having the scope in December, the surgeon said that the damage was done a while back and it is not something that could just be undone. 

We talked about options and finally settled on a total knee replacement.  We had several discussions on which way to go due to having the RNY.  I am very happy I had it done.

So, you ask...why do I need some encouragement?  I'm still in pain and the pain pills are just barely taking the edge off.  I'm probably doing too much, but I'm doing my best.  Tonight is also the first night I will be solo after my surgery.  My sister stayed with me the first two nights after discharge and my mom stayed the last two nights.  I think I'm terrified of what is going to happen if something happens.  Yes, I know I can call 911, but I can't call them just to say I'm scared.  My friends here have been so supportive so I thought I would come here for a pick me up.

Thanks for your help. 
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on 8/14/12 11:35 pm - TX
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I feel terrible when someone is scared. I just spoke a prayer for you. It will be just fine. Hugs from Dallas

on 8/14/12 11:42 pm
I'm on 100mg Nucynta right now for my back. They work a lot better if you let them dissolve in your mouth with some crystal light, before swallowing. I'm having an L3-4 fusion in three weeks. I know how awful it is to be in pain and not get very much relief. I am so sorry you're having so much pain from that. It's just horrible, and we as gastric bypass patients just dont get the amount of meds needed to help. Give that a try, as long as you are on the immediate release tablets. If you are on the extended release, call your doctor up and tell him you need the immediate release. You will most likely pass most of the er tablets before they dissolve all the way. ***BIG HUG*** hope you feel better.

Ps, if your having the same problem I'm having where they help with the pain but dont last long enough, try cutting them in half and taking them at half the increment. It will keep your pain at a steadier level instead of the constant ups and downs. You could also talk to your doc about a flector patch, good NSAID pain reliever that doesn't go through the stomach and might reduce some of the swelling. Keep it elevated and take care, it'll get better.
on 8/14/12 11:50 pm
Oh, if you are on the 100 mg Nucynta, you might want to cut it in half the first couple times you dissolve them, the full dose had me spun out of my head the first time I took it. You can also dissolve them in a glass with 1 oz of crystal light, might save your taste buds, but make sure they're dissolved and that they're not extended release tablets.
on 8/15/12 1:05 am
I am not going to lie and say I know what you are going through. All I can do is pray that you make it through this difficult time. I am sorry that this has happened to you. I pray for a speedy recovery for you. I do not know what that kind of pain feels like but I understand fear all to well. I wish I could reach out and give you a hug stay strong friend. Know that my heart goes out to you.
on 8/15/12 1:26 am - Cottage Grove, MN
(((((HUGS))))) Once you get past the first day, every day will seem better than the day before. Keep doing your therapy, you don't want to stiffen up..will make the pain worse. Take care.
on 8/15/12 4:48 am - Reisterstown, MD
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 Long distance hugs!! I know what its like to be in pain and scared. I'm two weeks post op from my rny and going thru the left side pain everyone is talking about and it terrifies me, too. And the dilaudid is the same as yours, doesn't even take the edge off anymore. 

Just try to stay strong. You say you've got a good support system there, so make sure you call them asap whenever you're scared or just need to talk to someone. And, of course, there's always everyone here. They've done wonders for me when I've needed a boost lately. :)

on 8/15/12 5:07 am - Jacksonville , FL
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I'm sorry you're going through all this.  It's hard to be in pain and be alone, especially at night.
I recommend that you do exactly what my daughter does:  calls me anytime, day or night, when she is ill and/or frightened and needs some reassurance.  She doesn't do it often, but she's still my baby and i'm sure your mom feels the same way.  Yes, it's good to try to be strong, but if you just need a few minutes of reassurance, that's what family is for.

Like the poster above said, the first day is alway the worst (scariest).  I hope you feel better soon!  Also, take it a little easier and give your knee time to heal.
on 8/15/12 5:23 am - Brighton, IL
I sadly know how it feels to be in pain because I have had rheumatoid arthritis for the last 32 years. I have had two partial knee replacements in 1993 and 1994 -one per knee and a total knee replacement on my right knee in 2007. I breezed through the partial replacements but the total knee was painful. I can say from experience that it gets a little better every day. Take your time healing and do all the exercises they tell you to for physical therapy and you will soon be glad you had this surgery done. I now have little pain in the right knee and better mobility than I had had for years. You can and will get through this! Come here and talk when you need to and know that I am saying some prayers for you too!!
on 8/15/12 7:30 am - TX

I had total knee replacement 7 months ago.   I know where you are coming from.  Hang in there....it will get better and you can manage on your own.  Not saying it will be easy, but you can do it !!  
Slow and steady !!!!  Have a Blessed Day !!!!!!