Gallbladder sludge?

on 8/24/12 11:17 pm
I've been having some cramping/mild pain in my gallbladder area.  I called the dr, he ordered labs and an ultrasound.  Apparently I have some sludge in the gallbladder.  He ordered a different type of scan (forgot the name) to take a closer look.  That is next week.

So, has anyone had any experience with this?  What were your outcomes?  TIA!
on 8/25/12 12:03 am - WI
 I had all this about 8 weeks post op. I was also very sick with a fever for days. Long story short they also found gallstones. My gallbladder was removed the next day. Sometimes it feels like it never ends huh? Good luck!
on 8/25/12 4:54 am - Canada
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Hi there,

If you have sludge then gallstones are not far behind if they aren't already there.  I had problems with my gallbladder after I had kids, throwing up and chest pain.  At one point I thought I was having a heart attack and ended up in the cardio ward until they figured out was was wrong.  I left it too long and ended up having emergency surgery-it is useless (like the appendix) and can cause major complications so you may want to elect to get it removed (if possible) before it gets worse.   

Good luck and take care!
on 8/25/12 5:27 am
 I had pancreatitis twice at 17 months post op. bad scene. Cause was sludge that had not yet developed into stones. I had my gallbladder out in May 2011 and have been pain free and a symptomatic since. Hope you feel better soon. I think you are thinking about the HIDATSA scan which was an awful test (IMHO).

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on 8/25/12 5:28 am
 Sorry. Meant HIDA scan

HW 240/ SW 229/ GW 146/CW 125; OH Support Group Leader   

Starting size:  18W-20;  Present size: 0 or 2; 5'5-1/2" tall. 
Current BMI 20.4 as of 2/13/2013 (normal for the first time in my life).
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on 8/25/12 5:41 am - San Antonio, TX

 I started having a high liver enzyme count in August 2011. I get my blood tested every 2 months due to the fact that I take medication for two auto-immune disorders of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hypothyroidism. 


 I was referred to a liver specialist. A lot of blood tests were run and I also had a liver biopsy because my liver enzymes kept climbing even after I discontinued taking Methotrexate for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.


 Gallbladder sludge and minor damage to the liver/gallbladder portal were discovered and I was diagnosed with a third auto-immune disorder of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC). 


 I was put on a medication called Ursodiol to diminish the Gallbladder sludge. Within a couple of months my liver enzyme count is now back to normal limits. I am still being monitored by the liver specialist every 3 months.

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Kelly L.
on 8/25/12 6:59 am - San Jacinto, CA
 I had sludge in mine before my RNY, nine months later they took my gallbladder out. It was not a bad recovery. Good luck with everything :)


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on 8/25/12 11:14 am
Well, that all doesn't sound very encouraging! I guess I kind of figured I would have to have it taken out at some point.

Walterswife, yes it is the HIDA scan. Why was it horrible?
(deactivated member)
on 11/5/12 3:50 am

I've never had a HIDA scan but worked in a office where they were performed. According to the technologist/patients that had it done, the injectable that is used in the HIDA scan triggers the gallbladder attack symptoms. Having lived through plenty of those, culminating in my own attack of pancreatitis and emergency gallbladder removal (pre-RNY), I always felt bad for those folks -- they came in to have a diagnostic test done and we made them feel worse!

on 11/5/12 2:42 am - Middle River, MD

I've been browsing the posts regarding gall  bladder issues and really need to put in my two cents worth.  I had a Fobi Procedure  back in 1992 and had to go back in this past November for a correction (a portion of the pouch had reconnected) and a hiatal hernia repair back in November. No more than 20 minutes prior to my surgery, my surgen stated, "The CAT scan shows sludge in your gall bladder. I'm going to remove it so you don't have to come back in the future for another surgery."  Mind you, I had absolutely NO physical problems with my gall bladder for 20 some years post op.  If I had known what I was going to have to live with post-gall bladder removal, I would have taken my chances with having to go back in for the removal at a future date. Once a week, twice a week, usually late at night and worse then, I have what appears to be gall bladder attacks but I do not have a gall bladder. The pain has me doubled over and if I wanted to be vocal about it, I'd be screaming. It lasts about ten minutes. Last night, I had two attacks back to back. I am on a religiously followed low carb, very very low fat, high protein diet. Apparently, the triggers are all the fresh fruits and veggies in MY HEALTHY DIET but grilled chicken has also triggered this.. I've been on the Internet researching this and it is a common occurrence. I've become nervous about what I eat but don't know what NOT to eat. It's now over twelve hours later, and the nausea remains as well as milder residual pain. 


In other words, anyone having their gall bladder removed should really get the facts.

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