Trouble eating Breakfast

on 9/10/12 6:30 am
I am 3 weeks and 4 days post Op and haivng a tough time eating breakfast! I was trying to drink a SF carnation instant breakfast or a protein shake. They both started making me sick. So today I tried an egg and within 2 bites I felt sick! I can eat an egg any other time, why is it bothering me to eat at breakfast? I cant drink protein at all without it making me sick! I know Im not getting enough protein for the day. 
on 9/10/12 6:43 am - FL
contact your surgeon asap

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on 9/10/12 6:48 am - apple valley, MN
I would suggest calling your surgeon. Are you on nexium or prilosec? When I first had surgery I had really bad stomach aches in the morning but I got back on my stomach meds and the issue went away. The nausea went away with it also.
on 9/10/12 6:52 am
 I was prescribed Prilosec and zofran! I will start taking them and hopefully it will help. I have always had issues eating in the morning even prior to surgery. My stomach cramps but now it cramps and I feel nauseated! 
H.A.L.A B.
on 9/10/12 12:14 am, edited 9/10/12 12:42 am
I had the same thing. Still do some days - most days even 4+ years post op. 
I noticed that starting the day with a warm herbal tea - like mix ginger, others - made my pouch happier. Then I could slowly start drinking - sipping protein shake.  Some day sit takes me 2 hrs to drink 16 oz of protein shake. Other days - I am done on 15 -20 minutes.  

Initially warm shakes - like making decaf protein coffee - not so sweet - would make the pouch less cranky.


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on 9/10/12 7:29 am - IN
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Mornings are tough for me.  It is like my pouch needs to wake up also.  It takes me about an hour to eat my yogurt.  After that I am fine. 
Kelly L.
on 9/10/12 7:48 am - San Jacinto, CA
 Morning sucks! I have found that ( like Hala said) warm protein coffee seems to work best for me as well.. Just nothing too sweet. 


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on 9/10/12 8:43 am
I have to drink something before I eat anything each morning. Even a few swallows of tea or crystal light with moisten everything up and make breakfast go down much easier.

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on 9/10/12 10:22 am
I still have to watch what I eat for breakfast, my pouch is super tight in the morning until after I drink several cups of HOT coffee.  You might try a warm liquid first before putting real food in.

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on 9/10/12 3:26 am, edited 9/10/12 3:26 am
 I am definitely going to try drinking something hot before I try to eat! It seems to be a common thing to have trouble eating breakfast! It doesn't help that I had issues prior to surgery! I had my gallbladder taken out in 06' and have had issues with breakfast since. It effects my whole day when I end up sick first thing in the morning, I don't want to eat for the rest of the day. Thank you everyone for the advice :)   I feel amazing other than this small issue and feeling more tired than normal!