on 9/23/12 1:08 pm - KY
Did anyone have gastroparesis before they had the bypass done? Did it help or hurt the systoms?
Would you have done it just for the GP if you was not over weight?
on 9/23/12 2:36 pm - Garland, TX
I have gastroparesis however haven't had my surgery yet. I am scheduled for Oct 15th. I am overweight & feel the bypass is both benefical for the weight loss as well as for the gastroparesis.

Are you considering bypass for weight loss or soley for the gastro?
on 9/23/12 6:22 pm - KY
I was considering the sleeve but my BMI drop below 35 from being so sick and insurance took back my approval. My doctor recommendeds the sleeve. So I will have to be self pay. Just wondering how much it has helped everyone with their GP. So I dont know what to do at this point. Sleeve , bypass or nothing. MY GP is getting worst I have been on liquid diet sine June. Now its even making me sick talkjin about feeding tubes, My BMI was 40 now its around 33.
on 9/23/12 4:47 pm - CO
 I had gastroparesis before surgery 2 yrs ago, my doctor insisted on the roux-en-y surgery because the lap band would make the matters worse and the roux-en-y would make it go away.. I have not had any symptoms and since you do not use your stomach anymore for digestion, except for the fluids, you should not have any problems. The surgery was the best thing I did, No more pain and down 130 lbs...... Went from a 24-26 pant size to a 8-10.... Good Luck... and if you are not overweight, I would still consider the surgery since it will make your symptoms go away.
on 9/23/12 6:17 pm - North Fond du Lac, WI
RNY on 08/23/12
I had RNy to correct was 3 weeks ago, so I can't tell if its worked or not yet. He did remove reminent stomach.
on 9/23/12 8:36 pm - Greeley, CO
RNY on 08/28/12
I too had gastroparesis and because of that and my diabetes were the main reason I had the RNY.  I still take Reglan everyday.  I have had no symptoms since the surgery.  The surgeon set my goal weight at 150 meaning I need to lose a total of 83 pounds, but I want to try to get to 133 pounds.  So for me the main reason for the surgery was to take control of the damage the diabeties was doing to my body, and as a Cancer survior I struggled with myThyroid levels making it even harder to lose weight... Geez hope that helped! Sorry so long! LOL :-)  Good luck... BTW I have not had to take any of my 3 different oral diabeties meds for over 2 weeks!!!!
Kirsten S.
on 9/24/12 10:27 am - Maylene, AL
I had been diagnosed with "slow gastric emptying" prior to RNY and was on Reglan.  I had the RNY in May 2011 and I am having many more issues due to Gastroparesis.  I am getting ready to have a Gastrectomy with a RNY reconstruction in a few weeks.  I was not one of the lucky ones that RNY made Gastroparesis better.  But if you were to ask me if I would do it again I would absolutely say yes!  Even with the issues I have been having losing the weight has helped tremendously in many other ways.
on 9/26/12 10:05 am - KY
Thanks for the information!