dry hair and its falling out- what to do?

on 10/3/12 3:36 am - WA
My dr. told me it is common for people to have dry hair , dry skin and hair loss for 3-6 months when they are losing weight fast.  Is anyone else having this trouble and what are you doing to help? 

I used to have really healthy think hair that I do color due to early gray. but now I have lost so much hair and it is dry and brittle.  I have not colored it since the surgery and only washing it once a week and using special conditioner.  I am ready to go back to work soon and do need color it because the entire top is all gray.

Is there any vitamins or things I can take that would help? 

Dave Chambers
on 10/3/12 4:20 am - Mira Loma, CA
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Begin taking inositol with a choline bitartrate supplement, 400-500mcg daily.  This helps to regenerate hair and helps to keep hair shaft more flexible.  MegaTek is a product you can find at large animal feed stores, etc. It's a product made by Eqyss (owned by Ovations Hair Therapy) that is a cream rinse. Use your own good shampoo, but use this MegaTek, following directions for how long to leave on hair.  It keeps mane and hair on show horses in good shape.  It's less than 1/3 the cost of Ovations. DAVE

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Healthy fats may help.  You can take fish oil or flax seed oil supplements.  We malabsorb fats so you won't absorb all you take, but you'll absorb some.

If your vitamin A is low, that can also cause dry hair.

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Neen L.
on 10/3/12 4:39 am - Arlington, VA
I would avoid hair dye as long as possible. It will really, really make the dry hair more coarse and prone to breakage. Nothing wrong with some gray hair!

I put some olive oil on my hair once a week while it is wet and put it up in a braided bun. Usually I let it sit for a half-hour while I'm watching a football game on Sunday and then rinse it out and shampoo. I have really fine, thin hair (don't let the picture fool you...blow dryer magic going on there), and it has helped the elasticity, shine, and smoothness a lot.

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 10/3/12 4:39 am - OH
Nothing is going to help the hair loss (assuming you are getting enough protein), but additional fats may help the dryness in your hair and skin.  The hair loss is caused by something called telogen effluvium (you can search it here at the top of the page or Google it for more info) and most people who have any type of WLS go through it.  The hair will grow back.


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I have not lost any hair yet - I am only 6 weeks out but I have a product that I use every day and it makes my hair feel like silk!  I have very coarse thick hair.  Moroccan Oil - you can find it at any beauty supply store - walmart - Target.  A little goes a long way but it makes such a difference.  Also - my daughter is bi-racial and her hair can become quite dry - we switched her to a satin pillowcase and it has made a difference for her.
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Organic virgin coconut oil. Put it on your hair and leave it a couple of hours or overnight. Shampoo it out. I do it once a week and even though anemia has totally screwed up my hair and caused alot of shedding, it's still soft and a little shiny. It was getting so coarse and dry there for awhile. Looked like broomstraw.
on 10/4/12 4:03 am - WA
thanks everyone!  The dr. does have me taking b12 shots and a large amount of vitamin a also.