Clogged JP drain??

on 10/22/12 12:02 pm - Belgrade, MT
RNY on 10/15/12
 I had my surgery last Monday (10/15).  I've been taking care of my JP drain just as they taught me when I got out of the hospital.  Still some pain there, but not too bad.

Then today it really started to  hurt.  Tried to clear the tube and I think it's clogged right where it enters my body.  Hurts to even press on the tube to clear the rest of the way (it has only hurt the very first time they did it).  Hurts to breathe while standing.  Also a bit red and puffier looking.  Not hot or infected looking though.  At least not yet.

I have an appt with the surgeon tomorrow morning.  I don't think his med tech took me very seriously though when I called (he was in surgery all day today).  I had not needed any pain meds the last two days.  She told me I was having pain because I was not taking the pain medicine!  she also said that's why I have not been able to sleep too....

Anyone have one that clogged?  It's not totally blocked because there is still fluid in the bulb at the end, but there's something wrong.

I am HOPING he will remove it tomorrow (nurse told me they keep it 7-10 days), but this morning the med tech told me he won't remove it unless the drainage is under a certain amount per day.  I think I am above that.

What do they do if it's clogged or infected?  Will they remove it early or what?  I want to go home so much.  The hospital and surgeon is 3 hours away from my house, so my oldest son and I have been staying at my parents house.  It's not horrible here or anything, but can't sleep and it's just not home.  I need to stay until he removes the drain, or else come all the way back up here just to have it removed (I have to come back for a 1 month post appt anyway).

Shelly, mom to two special needs kids in Bozeman MT

Lindsay J.
on 10/22/12 12:35 pm - Minot, ND
RNY on 09/05/12
How was it that they showed you to clear it? I am surprised that they keep it in as long as they do, but then again each surgeon is different. I had 2 tubes in the duration of my hospital stay, when they cleared them they would take a bic pen and pinch the tube between their thumb and pen and then pull in short sections as far as they could and release slowly and the one time it was sort of plugged with a large clot, it got it to come through. It was painful and I cried out but it got it going again nicely. When the removed them I had one that sealed and didn't weap at all and the other that I had to change the gauze on every half hour, so if you have to make the drive home after, ask them if they can give you some gauze and tape to be safe.

Best of luck though and I hope that they will remove it for you too, they are horrible things to have to have in. Also, be sure to take some pain meds before going in to have them removed, that is extremely uncomfortable as well.



on 10/22/12 1:24 pm - ME
 Explain these tubes...this is for gastric bypass? Why? What for? I hadn`t heard this part!
on 10/22/12 1:37 pm - Belgrade, MT
RNY on 10/15/12
 I guess not all doctors leave them in, but mine leaves one drain in when he does gastric bypass.  It's to let fluid drain and hopefully prevent infection as well as show if there might be a leak or something from the new pouch.

It was mostly just annoying until today.

Shelly, mom to two special needs kids in Bozeman MT

on 10/22/12 2:02 pm - WA
I had a Laporoscopic RNY and did not have a drain. However, I am an RN and I worked a surgery unit for years. One of the quickest ways to clear a drain tube is to put a big gob of Purrell hand sanitizer onto the tube( not to close to the skin, avoid the skin/insertion site. Milk the tube down toward the bulb. One hand to steady the tube( by the insertion site) and one hand to slide. This is a nursing trick. The hand sanitizer acts as lube on the tube and you can slide your hand right down it.This may help. Just make sure you use one hand to hand on to the tube at the site so you dont cause pain or pull it out.If the site is infected or infection underneath that is a whole other story and your surgeon will be able to determine this. Hopefully things will be OK, but you need to get it checked out by your health care professional. Good LUCK!

Laurie :-)

on 10/22/12 9:00 pm
RNY on 09/05/12
I had my RNY on Sept 5th. I too, came home with a dreaded drain!  When I was in the hospital, I couldnt understand why I was in so much pain, I had laparoscopic surgery before and this was much worse.  I had to go back for a 1 week ck up and he pulled out the drain then, it was the most unusual thing I have ever felt in my life!  Kinda hurt, but not if you can understand that. From that day on, almost no pain and completely went off the pain meds in 3 days.  I would make sure your doctor takes a look at it.  My husband was taking care of emptying mine and logging in the amount of fluid that came out and what color it was. I am sure a clog makes you very nervous. Let us know how it goes...


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on 10/23/12 1:06 am - MI
RNY on 04/25/12
I went home from being in the hospital for almost 5 full days (released at 8:30 pm). I had 2 drains, a JP drain and a pintuck drain where the largest incision was located. I had to wait for 2 weeks after my release from the hospital to have both drains removed. My JP drain did get plugged at home and like the other person said...use the hand sanitizer and hold the end closest to your body steady and firmly while running your fingernail down the length of the JP drain. You may feel some pain as this creates pressure to pull the clog from inside the drain. You will feel much better after you do this.
on 10/23/12 10:51 am
RNY on 08/27/12
Mine would get clots in it but I was told to leave it alone except to empty it and put the suction back on. When I was in the hospital the nurses would clear it but they didnt want me to. It was sore until he removed it and it was agony for me. As soon as he took it out the pain left, I hope that happens for you too. I slept better and could move a lot better. Good luck.

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