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From a women's 34 plus size stretch jeans to a size 4!!! Progress pic with LOTS of skin

on 11/29/12 12:53 pm - CA

OMG!!! I couldn't believe it! They fit AND zipped and I didn't have to lay on the bed with pliers to do it! I cried like a little baby!!! I also wanted to include a progress pic. It's a picture of me at my heaviest weighing 340 pounds and wearing my Old Navy 34 plus size women's stretch jeans and my new regular size 4! It also has 2 pics of all of my excess skin. I can't wait to get that crap cut off! I have worked too hard to be trapped underneath almost 30 pounds of extra skin!


HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

on 11/29/12 12:56 pm - Miami, FL

Wow - congrats!

on 11/29/12 12:57 pm - UT
RNY on 09/05/12 with

Great job! What an achievement!

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on 11/29/12 1:02 pm - TX

Simply AMAZING......You look GREAT and have done so well!!!!!  I just had my PS - I had a LBL and am so happy with results.  You will be too.  Congrats again.

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on 11/29/12 1:05 pm - CA

They want to do a circumfrential abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, inner thigh lift, and mastopexy, and augmentation. The only problem is that it costs over $33,000. We're a single income military family, so I don't know that we'll ever be able to afford it. Saving a little at a time. Wish me luck!

HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

on 11/29/12 1:08 pm - NH

You have done an amazing job!! I have pics on my profile of my before and after panni if you want to look.

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on 11/29/12 1:14 pm - CA

HOLY CRAP!!! You look amazing!!! Thank you so much for telling me about your pics! It really makes me excited to be able to get mine done!!!

HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

on 11/29/12 1:16 pm - NH

I "upgraded" to what I call an 'advanced panniculectomy', which is having my belly button moved up. I have had 5 kids and was 52 years old and didn't care to have a tummy tuck (whi*****ludes muscle tightening), I just wanted to have the saggy skin gone. So now I have a pretty scar and lots of stretch marks, but they don't bother me at all. The bruises that you saw in the before photo were from my gallbladder removal that I had about a month before.

      High 250/Consult Weight 245/Surgery 205/Now 125
 Height  5'4.5"  BMI 21.1  
     In maintenance since June 2009    

on 11/29/12 6:34 pm - san diego, CA

I have had a couple friends who are military wives who had tricare pay to get the extra skin removed.  It was a process of LOTS of documentation of how the skin is causing issues example infections

Amanda M.
on 11/29/12 1:05 pm
RNY on 01/18/13 with
Congratulations!!!! You look so good! When dressed, I would never know you have extra skin. You are very brave for sharing those pictures!

Do you have a PS planned already?

Congratulations again! You really do look great!!!
Amanda M.
on 11/29/12 1:06 pm
RNY on 01/18/13 with
You posted the above at the same time I asked about PS plans. Lol.

Good luck!
on 11/29/12 1:12 pm - CA

My husband is active duty, so the Air Force paid for my gastric bypass surgery. Before I had the surgery, I asked my dr. about surgeries to remove the extra skin. He told me to lose the weight and my skin removal surgeries would be covered. Then we found out that Tricare had changed the rules and the skin removal surgeries were no longer covered. He kept trach of every sore, rash, infection, rip, and tear I ever got and said that he would write all the appeal letters it took to have the surgeries as long as I lost the weight. So that's what I've done. I'm literally working out a minimum of 17 hours a week.


Then he got stationed at a new base. My new dr is terrable! She said that the rules changed and there's nothing she can do for me. She won't even write me an appeal letter. I switched drs and have an appt. with him tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be willing to help or there's nothing else I can do.

HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

on 11/29/12 1:17 pm - TX

Keep'll find the right dr and you will get it done.  I have no doubt.

HW: 328   GW: 164  CW: 159  Height - 5' 8"  
GOAL REACHED 12/15/2012!!!!!!!!!

RNY Surgery Date:  6/21/11  
LBL/BL  - 11/6/2012 Arm Lift with Abdominal Lipo - 12/11/2012 - Dr. Paul PIn
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RosyKate, Mistress at

on 11/29/12 6:17 pm

Have you tried going to referral management on base? Your new doctor is wrong. Rashes and infections are one of the few cir****tances under which TC will cover a panniculectomy. They won't cover the augmentation and the arm lift, though. If this new doc you see tomorrow won't help, ask to be referred off post.

What a wonderful job you've done! congratulations


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on 11/29/12 1:39 pm - San Diego, CA
RNY on 12/27/12

You look fantastic!  I bet you feel great too.  Congrats!

I have been lurking on the Dr. Sauceda Group here, and wanted to mention it in case you weren't aware.  He is an amazing plastic surgeon in Monterrey Mexico that does medical tourism.  It is significantly cheaper than what it would cost here in the states - just offering an option you may not have thought of.

Congrats again - I am so inspired!


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on 11/29/12 2:34 pm
RNY on 08/31/12 with


on 11/29/12 4:23 pm - OH

Your results are fantastic and you look phenomenal! Congratulations on your hard work!!!! Keep persevering with your pursuit of PS through insurance - you'll never get it if you give up now. I hope your new doc will give you a better and more helpful response! Good luck!

Do you mind if I ask how tall you are? Our surgery weights and goal weights are similar, but I am pretty short - just 5'2" so I'm a little curious to know your height ;) if you don't mind sharing.

Height:  5' 2"      HW: 322 (7/31/12)     SW: 292 (10/31/12)     Current:  220 (3/20/13)


on 11/29/12 5:51 pm - CA

I'm not much taller. I'm only 5'5". LOL


HW:340 SW: 292 CW:164 GW: 140-130

LaToya N.
on 11/29/12 4:52 pm - MD
RNY on 11/19/12 with

To go from a 34 to a 4 is unbelievable!  Honestly, your extra skin doesn't look that horrible.  I've seen much worse.

Robin J.
on 11/29/12 4:59 pm

You look wonderful!!!  I'm going to ask a personal question(s).  You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable about it.  What do you do with all of that skin right now?  Do you wear shapewear?  Doesn't it bounce around at the gym???