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on 11/30/12 10:43 pm - NY

I have heard that we are not supposed to have caffeine because of it's dehydrating qualities.  However, I really want to try some of the Big Train Frappe products because I keep hearing how great they are.  Does caffeine really dehydrate us that much?  I have heard so many different things.  I have heard that if you have 8 oz of a highly caffeinated drink, you have to drink 16 oz of fluid to make up for the deficit it creates.  On the other hand, I have heard that it does not cause significant dehydration as long as you stick to only 8 oz or so.

Anyone happen to know what is accurate?

on 11/30/12 11:36 pm - NY
Caffeine is mildly dehydrating.
It is also a gastric and general stimulant... meaning it causes increased gastric secretions (stomach acids), movement/squeezing of the intestines (ie promote a BM), may cause central nervous system stimulation.
I personally am a little sensitive to caffeine. Early out, while I was on prilosec (gastric protectant) we were encouraged to avoid caffeine to protect the new pouch.
I choose to limit caffeine due to my sensitivity to it, but my motto is now
EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!, unless I know it is a trigger food and it will take me off track! I will have a cup of 1/2 caf if it is available and Im in the mood, and do Not adjust my fluid intake... I take in 80 or so ounces daily, and figure one cup of a moderate caffeine containing item will be detrimental
Larry Wassmann
on 11/30/12 11:53 pm - Lacey, WA
RNY on 05/09/12

I was told  to stay away from coffee. I have a history of ulcers and was told coffee could make the chances much worse. And ulcers for us is a very very serious problem so my advice would be to not have coffee in any form. 

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on 12/1/12 8:52 am - IL

My doc said caffeine can trigger hunger and possibly upset the stomach.  My plan allows caffeine and carbonated drinks at 6 mths out


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Kat Kat
on 12/1/12 10:09 am - MD

I drink coffee almost every day with no ill effects. I did notice I need to use the bathroom a little more than normal on days when I do, so I upped my fluids. I found coffee actually reduced my appetite, so it goes to show you we all respond a little differently from one another.



Jilly Bean
on 12/1/12 10:19 am - IN
RNY on 07/09/12

They'll have to pry my coffee out of my cold, dead hands.


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Allison P.
on 12/1/12 3:10 pm - Santa Cruz, CA

I was told I can have one cup of coffee every morning with milk. I do.